In your journeys of life, there are mountains to climb and puzzles to solve, all to give you a picture and a perspective along the way of your experiences. You see, you must get the picture and the vision of your life to have the meaning, and understand you the viewer.  Know then, when you are far from a mountain it takes the time to get there and to climb it. And mind you, time is a perception of the burden and how much you are in shape to move your body and your mind, but note you must move your feet and take the steps to make the venture. So is the case of your life when you have conflicts and nothing seems to fit together.

This is the puzzle, for you do not see what life situations are teaching you and how things fit together, again this is done one piece at a time.  So the proverbial lesson here is your spirit and mental connection, your perspective and your spiritual health is it not? You have a saying on your planet, a good one I might add that sometimes you turn “molehills into mountains“.  When you are puzzled in your life without meaning it is no different than making room on the table and looking at the total picture on the box and vision what the end game is. For this will encode your mind to work on solving the pieces and looking for patterns that fit together, placing them in the general area of the total picture and collect the fragments that fit together to solve the mystery of your life.

Life is, therefore, the fitting of the pieces and the incidents to see the total picture. This is a very powerful analogy to get for it fits life and the occurrences of your life situations in every detail of your life. When you seek to see the total picture of what the meaning of your life can be you can piece your life together. Do keep in mind that your parents and your ancestors are the edges of the pieces that all link together. They are your traits encoded in your DNA.

In conclusion of today’s teaching know that it is best to sit down and see within to your soul what your life can be in the perfection of the elements that you are and bring it to the table, your work table.  Let the consciousness of your mind begin to see the patterns that keep reoccurring, to get you to see the messages of what your soul cord needs to learn in your incarnation. Have patience and study for it will not fit together in one fell swoop. But know this, the more you are building direction the better your vision to assemble the pieces of your experiences. As things begin to fit together you will draw them to you with great occurrence and speed. You term this serendipity, but this is the science of how it works.

Now for the mountain, these are your challenges, that you must find the footing and the stamina to climb and get into shape by learning to exercise your free will and start your journey. Know that inspiration is the nectar of the gods that sweetens your way giving you energy, and action is the course of applied energy to seeing your goals. Let your spirit be your compass and follow your hearts in life.  Take time to know the way of providing the provision that you can carry along your way, that is essential. A heavy pack of things that are not relevant will tire many a traveler in life.

May the lessons of today find meaning to you, that you choose to begin to solve your puzzles and see the making and growth of your soul.



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