There is more to LOVE than the word of love. The main ingredients of LOVE are the intention and the force that comes from the heart of goodwill and respect to the sovereignty of others. So, this year ‘Masters in the making’ you must learn the most valuable ingredients to the cosmic flow of the radiation you’re transmitting from your heart and presence you term LOVE. This is also a time of your Ascension in the Merkaba. The Merkaba are principles of the triangle representing the three base elements of the first chakra, second chakra, and third chakra blending with the fourth, fifth and sixth at the centre of the solar plexus.

This represents the bringing up of Earth and emotional animal instincts with the higher traits of the other dimensions of your soul. So many of you have been disconnected into the higher realms of the fifth, sixth and seventh chakra principles of the cosmic centres of your body. Because those that are attached to the world basically operate only in the first three chakras; survival, sexual energy and the solar plexus of emotional connection on a sociological basis they have not opened up their heart, throat, and Crown chakra. When you come in as an enlightened being of higher vibration you had assumed that the centre should be open and loving.

So what has happened is instead of this flowing you shut it down with stuffed down emotional pain and have tried to adapt at the frequencies of the world and how everyone is functioning at this level, which is not what you are at your core soul bringing in the higher levels. So what you are currently feeling right now with the shift of the new cosmic plasma rays coming to the Earth is everything that has been buried of rejection, fear, and pain because they need to connect to the higher centres so you can activate your Merkaba. The Merkaba becomes a geometric force field of LIGHT frequencies in the astral plane that allows you access to travel the higher dimension.


In order to do this, you need to be grounded and you need to clear out the lower because that influences the reflection to the higher which becomes out of balance. Watch this like a movie, don’t react to it but feel it and see it for these are all the feelings you have buried and are hurting you. You are disconnected because in order to bring in the higher realms you also have to be rooted in the lower frequencies of these three principles on the Earth. These principles are not lower in the sense of being bad, they are just lower as being that of the earth and grounded. You must learn at these moments of sadness and intense feelings.

Sit by a tree or put your feet on the ground without your shoes and ground and just feel, because these two principles need to reconnect with your soul and this is the cleansing many of you are going through. If you are reading my writing you’re beyond religion and you have studied and this will all make sense to you. If you’re still in kindergarten with your mindset then your immediate reaction will be this is not of my saviour or my belief systems, which means you are still controlled by the matrix of religion, government, and banking institutions.

Expeditious sensual feelings are necessary for your need to become sentient. Take advantage of this for this is the season for you to plant the seeds so they will germinate later in the year into wonderful manifestations of your integrated self and your new LIGHT bodies. I’m here to teach you as well as many other Masters that have overcome the Earth experience and graduated into the 5th, 6th, and 7th and onward dimensions.



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