Communication, just what is communication? Communication is in a sense the broadcasting of information to electromagnetic vibrations and frequencies. When you communicate with other people it’s essentially the same. You’re broadcasting frequencies of what you are and emanating your emotions, perspective, and your subjective realities to other people. Communication that works well is one that is narrowed down to the right bandwidth. You see, to communicate effectively with another person they must have the same bandwidth matching your perspective and reality.

One must ask what is the purpose of your communication. Do you ever get that thought when you communicate with people? Are you genuinely interested in people? That makes a big factor. Are you lonely? Are you selling something? Do you want something from them? Or is it your own addictions of need and loneliness? Many people suffer from verbal diarrhoea and vomit their positions on to others because of what they know and they try to force it on to others. So, this year in the mastering of yourself take a look at yourself and what you speak. Even the tone of your voice has an impact on how people will respond to you. It all is resonant tones and information and you get feedback from people when you speak.

You will feel it in your body, see it in the smirks of their face, or in a change and shifting of their emotions. Souls become savvy because they know they are responsible for what it is they project with. Others affect your opinion of yourself and will either amplify your condition or enlighten you. Moreover and most importantly, people do not want to hear negativity. When you’re upset you need to counsel yourself and if you need to yell or scream do so in the quiet of your own space. Do not expect others to transmit it for it is your own reaction and not theirs. Do not ask your friends to transmute your energetic reactions, as many cares not to. It is no different than asking somebody to wipe your butt! They would rather not unless you’re an invalid.

But of course, all of this I speak of has to do with your level of awareness. Understand that mental knowledge and spiritual insights are classified as bandwidth for frequency modulation to induce your know and feel the energy, and to be expanded in your awareness and connection to the Universe.


Many people are lazy and finding opium in the form of religion so they no longer expand with knowledge because they’re in a drug-like knowing of the matrix program. They think this answers all the questions of the Universe in their life. If this were the perfect remedy they would be enlightened, their vibrations would be high and they would have an open mind. Instead, they have chosen to become sheep and follow religious indoctrination.

Dear souls, make this the year of quickening. Never underestimate the power of destructive opinions fired at you by people of limited calibre and mind, because in the groups of their energy fields they can broadcast really nasty frequencies that interfere with your ability to resonate at the higher frequencies. Just say it simply, and be careful of religions and politics unless you are feeling the same resonance of your belief systems. In communication, you have to understand the bandwidth of people and sometimes you just need to tone it down. If you speak to people that have been brainwashed into religion keep it short and simple. Do not try to educate them to higher realms or they will try to make you equal with their realities of opinions and emotions because they are fear-based.

All religions have the wild-card of fear, hell, and punishment. But it’s never now. For the most part, it’s always in the future, somewhere out there and God is going to punish you. I cannot express to you enough that this is an astral prison world, another school for your souls to evolve and remove old patterns of confusion. The best thing you can do when broadcasting in connection with somebody is to listen to them. If you want company, find something of mutual interest. No different than turning on a radio channel you can both tolerate. Sometimes that’s how it is with communication. Communication, after all, is a resonance within yourself and others.

With the higher energies coming to the planet if you want to be evolving into your SELF-empowerment you need to speak less and when you do speak quantify it with ‘quality’, not quantity. Take this time to talk with yourself and by that I mean your soul, your ‘oversoul’. This is a time for you to create yourself in a new dynamic and have a powerful year of self-mastery.


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