The divine in true creation comes through the heart with the feeling of LOVE, and all is held together with the occurrence of feeling, imagery, energy, and focus of will and presence. This is what creates. Many people right now are feeling extremely emotional and sensitive, something new to the height they have not ever experienced and this can be overwhelming. They are feeling what humanity is going through at present and what it will go through, with many surpassing with the changes that are about to occur with wars and the physical changes, as well as engineered interference by the elite to create diseases and death.

This is part of the process that is currently underway with the lightworkers and people with loving hearts. They are feeling all of the suffering and pain of what humanity is going to be, as very soon many will make the physical transition. There are shifts and changes in the world as you term in ‘biblical proportions’. This is part of the great cleanse very soon to happen. The pious pompous leaders of the world that rule think that with the technology they can undo this calamity.

There is nothing new under the Sun, this is just old technology that has been here. Lemuria, Atlantis, and Mu were very advanced technologically, far beyond even our present technology and they were foolish to think they could deal with the forces of the cosmos and their whole civilization was destroyed. This happens periodically because the Earth becomes filled with beings that do not respect her, nor have LOVE for each other. The sensitives are coming online and feeling a precognition of the great sadness that is to come upon the planet, but also a great cleanse.


The message of Quential today is this; you are not weighed by what you know, by what you own or in who you are, but how your heart resonates and your integrity. All the other is just filler, this is what you really are at the core. If you want people to like you or LOVE you then you must present them with LOVE, not on your terms but in the communication of the flow of mutual respect. The same goes for all animals and life forms.


Because the lightworkers came with a loving heart and were betrayed and abused they have learned mechanisms to deal with it and have shut down and submitted this to the current flow of the collective Matrix. This has robbed them of their instincts and willpower. In order to run the creative forces of energy, as a woman is emotional during her menses so will men and women feel intense vulnerability, sadness, grief, and sensitivity. This is currently going on with many of you.

Flow with it, watch it, feel it and take it easy, for you are in a process. This is not what you are but what you are processing because the floodgates of the suppressed energies are opening up and this is the steam vapour rejections and things coming up to the surface. This went through your heart, mind and emotional bodies to get stuff down. Now it must find the same way out, except it is happening at a quick rate.

This will last a period of time so that you can digest what’s going on but these are the new vortices coming through to the planet on energetic levels and are being controlled by the Ancients of Days and the Blue Avians. Otherwise, many people would commit suicide or destroy themselves because it would be too overwhelming. This is why it is important to have the knowledge to see what is really going on.

So weather the storm, feel it and understand that this is a positive thing you’re going through, as difficult as it may be. For you are going to be in touch with feelings and emotions to a level of sensitivity like an open nerve. Once this process is done, new energy will come and you’ll have an electromagnetic force field of LIGHT around you which will protect you from the things that normally would have been taken as rejection.

The pain will then reflect back to the senders because they are not who you are at the soul.


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