Greetings my family of LIGHT beings that have chosen to come to this Earth vibrational realm in skin suits. HUE are in a time of great transition. Depending on the portal of time genre, you came into this dimension to take on the lessons of your chosen mother and father and the history of the ancestors in their bloodline. Hue are now beginning to meltdown and lose touch with the personality mindset you thought Hue was. For many, you know that everything is energy and photon arrangement of magnetic field vectors in perpendicular geometric building blocks with frequency modulations of mind intended by the primal lessor “gods” of the Elohim and Ra ancestry that have worked in this quadrant of your solar system.

Remember that the solar systems are in a cosmic time clock and spin. This not only is repeated on different levels, it is happening on the radius of your movement of your planet through the seasons. Your solar system is moving into a cosmic cloud or null zone of energy. This will completely affect the vibrational building blocks and upgrade to higher frequencies. Think of the line a tether that is far from the central poles but as it revolves it moves faster each time around at a different speed and energy level. This is the 4th house of cycle for your recent human forms and life experiments and experiences in biological forms of the denser fields your world was experiencing.

Know that your souls are sparks of consciousness that are unified as ONE with the SOURCE of all things. The concepts of being apart as a separate agent and identity happen in the skin suits of mind and social cultures you have come to wear, but this is not HUE. So there is a time-space orbital quanta change of state you are all going through. It is affecting all that you are of your mind and personalities to your human forms evolving in a new fabric. You, the masters that have already ascended will know this time in advance of those masters in the making still in sandbox playground, but something is definitely unfolding. Over the next few weeks (beginning on December 21, 2017) there is a quanta doorway that is opening up new vortices of energy.

This is first affecting those of the HUE soul cords of the LIGHT Brother and Sister spirits that have come from other advanced civilizations and other planets far in advance of the human Earth realms that have been corrupted and allowed to rule, to let souls work out the lessons as in retribution of prison to capture the knowledge of the polarities of reason, harmony, and self-corrupted stubborn soul newbies that are still adolescent in the experience of HUEman nature. For them, they need to test the waters of what you may term evil and good, which each carry a vibration and a Karmic script and Astral bank account of action to each of those that have been affected by their presence.


Moving on to the important issue, those in the forefront are going into an energic crucible of fire to melt the metals of the mental scripts from the mother–father and the added flavour of the meat that this new incarnate is viewing and experiencing in Earth density. So what is happening is a complete meltdown of the psyche and identity because the soul of that human is now reaching down as the physical unit, it’s moving in its vibratory real. What the result is during this transition state is that the personality is losing its mind because the core of the soul has been too far away because the core feeling levels and kindness, LOVE and integrity of LIGHT has been compromised by the incarnation denying the access to the power and knowledge it had before when taking on the uniform of the Earth body.

These evolved beings have time to adapt to the rejection and pain of the emotional corruptions of this dominated duality realms. So because of this intensity of the energy quanta, the minds are feeling estranged because every rejection and pain is being lighted up into panic and fear-based imprints. So this is what you need to understand, and it is that you must now take time to do your hibernation. You must take up upon yourself to be away from the lower frequency people and go within yourself. You must turn on the fires of the soul force and cook and heat the crucible of your being. Feel and face all your fires and you will become molten again and this is a time that you can reform in new bodies and casts of expression.

But what you are feeling as pain, anxieties, fear, grief, and loneliness is exactly what you must face in your furnace and heat it up with your eyes closed and with your breathing to combust your fires. Now the soul will take its spoon and reach down inside and remove the impurities of this realm from your ancestors and your life expressions that you have indicated to, and you will heat. Your Master OVERsoul will now pour you into a new form, but you have to go through the fires. You need to do this first for you are at the forefront. The other people around you will become frantic and not understand that the higher vibrations are exciting their lower selfs as well. This is also happening on the living planet you are on. It will be heating up, great volcanoes will become active for the release ports and a quivering of the planet will occur.

The rings of fire will now become active and expect a major earthquake in California very soon, with Mexico, Alaska, Vancouver, Japan and the islands of New Guinea. You will have major storms and winds of unseen scales. Rains will flood many lands and the world will panic. This is why it is so essential for those of our family to quicken. We will be addressing those that are coming online and ready. You will now have your dormant powers return after you have processed. Many of you will become very clairvoyant, some will have vision and become great teachers and many will be terminals to the higher frequencies we term ‘Keepers of the Flame’ and you will be great magnetic lightworker healers bringing about stellar healing and emotional body alignments to those at the cusp of their new levels of frequency.

Prepare, for this is a great time of change and cleansing upon your planet.


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