When you choose to worry you will create more things to worry about. When you feel worried about who you are you will work in compensation mode, and in your feelings of doubt and judgment you will create the products of your fear for you will be lighting things up. This year there is more energy of excited plasma and creative flux coming to the planet and it will amplify what is held mentally and emotionally.

Know that you are a creator of your life and destiny and that you must grow and take the root of your sovereignty and be the starseed nature you are. During these high energy moments you must sit down and plan and hold the moment with no fear and stop the imposed rush and anxiety of the mind and what you think others are projecting on you. All of your nature is being lit up and many of your old fears and rejections are being seen, and you are projecting them onto others for reflection.

Simultaneously, others are doing the same to reach an equilibrium of states that is matrix collective-based. This is not you, and you must be prepared to walk away from the slavery and not run the rat race in the pace they would have you.


Excel action that is not in balance with these new energies will burn you out and make you very chaotic and restless. You must stop and be aware of your breath and lay one brick at a time in your creations in perfect speed, which entails focus and presence.

You will have many extraordinary experiences of high realization and meet up with many of your nature and awareness, as the similar beings of energy are collecting at this time. As you begin to excel and meet people that uplift you there is going to be those that are inadvertently your adversaries. You will find them self-righteous and judgemental with their mindset of the religious-oriented dogma of the matrix to regulate your experience of moving on the inner to the realms of fear, and want to take you back into sheep consciousness on the outer matrix.

Keep in mind that they are part of a dream that controls and limits growth that is not in the conformity of the religious format. They want you saved from knowledge of the matrix for it becomes powerless if it is not held by the believers that dream this reality of duality and separation of spirit and body-mind. The enormous gravity of belief system is working in the matrix. You must find your inner peace and reflect the wisdom of your soul and be with your mirrors and clan.

If you do not fit there is a reason, for it is not your door to ascending.


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