You need your ears, so have the time to listen inside dear souls. We are bringing in many teachings and so all of you that have kept strong and remained inquisitive and steadfast to your inner truths, the seed is in HUE so you can now grow. This year the LIGHT and energy you wanted in the dark years of your life will be activating HUE. This year, root deep within. For the trials of your dark soul will arise in the winter to help you dream of your real being. The germination is happening, this is why you have been buried. We will be with you our clan of LIGHT, activate your real self. You will remember now who you are.

As you break through ground you will see your whole-body itch and rash. Hives will appear as you transmute, this is a sign. You will feel very high and out of touch with what you were. Your minds will be quicker than ever. Yet they will be stilled because you are being pulled by the soul down through the heart and all your chakras. Whatever unfinished business that is dormant will be activated. This you will face and it will be fear, anger, LOVE, hate and invalidation memories. Watch this, for it is the passing. The fires of the Kundalini are rising in your spines to capture your minds.

This is the poison apple of knowledge, listen to the serpent for you will have the knowledge of what you are. And eat of the magic mushrooms and plants in the garden. This will activate your LIGHT bodies and take you from the garden of the Archonians to the remembrance of your cosmic birthright. In the moving of the snakes (polarities -Yin and Yang) you will experience them spinning around each centre lifting the debris of your ancestors in the bloodline and your own encoding brought by fear and rejection of your sovereign right. Forget the teachers of the night darkness that come to SAVE you (religion), for this is your enslavement.

You must keynote the voyage and travel between the gates of the snakes that guard the entrance porthole. This is why they poison your minds with fear, they do not want you to go, for if you do they have no RA power to create and this will dissolve the Matrix. Let them stay in the destruction of illusions and remain in the dark, for in reality there is no darkness nor hell. What they create with the scripts of the misinformation, they program you from birth to death. For the SUN walks on the water as it sets and rises. HORACE Horizon, Seth is the Moon and he takes the day and turns it into the night.

Those that run your churches and your governments are the devil. The created archetypes of good and evil. We are the Elohim and the RA, those that came from the heavens on the chariots of the gods. Your world is full of lies, your only ticket is to go within and find your being.


When you pass through the gates you will understand again and know we have always been here waiting for this harvest. THE CYCLE IS OVER AND ENDING. Those that are in change must listen this year and go within. We will reach each and every one of you that is of our star seed. The DNA holds the “blood” that saves you.

The Cristos of the star seed, the cross is the Solar Cross. The disciples are the 12 solar systems in your view that you see in the procession of movement, all stolen from us of Lyrian RA. The Masons have no exclusive right to our knowledge nor are the Illuminati illumined. They work based on greed, oppression, wars, killing, and fear. This is not who we are. We are of the Laws of ONE. We let them be for they’re letting us separate “the wheat from the chaff”. Once again, the precipitation of what you are is what you are, you cannot change your nature. You can only change your state of awareness.

Be not tricked by the mind, here it is being enslaved. Why do you think the toys of high technologies are now here in unprecedented quantities? They want those of ignorance to stay on the outer internet and will control you with artificial intelligence, lily waves, and biofield microwave oscillations. Why are they insisting you take the vaccinations? These are the cocktails that will inhibit the cellular DNA spinning with the new energies coming. Why do they give you fluoridated water? To destroy your pineal gland and higher thinking. Why are they doing the Geoengineering (chemtrails)? They contain aluminum oxide that is a very good electrical insulator that passes the blood-brain barrier. Great to keep electrons from firing in the brain, hence increased dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The dendrites are being compromised. Barium is being added to increase the human biodefense mechanism and stresses it to overreact your immune systems. Radioactive strontium is being added to damage the thyroid and cause cancer. This year, heavy black disbursements of nanochips will be dropped that will become systemic and works with your cell phones to register your bio fields and person. Your cell phones are being used to harm the reproductive organs with microwaves to make you sterile. Your GMO foods will make you have low sperm counts. This part of AGENDA 21 depopulation control.

In the blanket of your aerosol attacks, the Elite are making the air like a giant grid that can and is being energized with microwaves that are programming you with radiation at or close to 7.56 Hertz. Your skies are being jolted with pinpointed microwaves from four broadcasting areas, two of which are in Alaska, one in Germany and one in Norway. These send microwave plasma collisions that alter the stratosphere and ionosphere, changing the weather. The project CERN is working with magnetic scalar weapons to fire upon our ships. They know we are here and have been tracking us.

How can I tell you just what you are being subjected to? This teaching would be pages. Just know we are working with our ground crews to activate them.

In the meantime, work on imprinting your own force fields.


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