As a master, you will affect with your presence, not the things you say or the following you hope to get. You’re not attached to the needs of others to tell you who you are. You have to discover that you are an ascended master. You have come here to work and to be a terminal of LIGHT and higher frequency. You have spent your years being rejected and looked at as estranged and non-conforming. You have become isolated to the ways of reaching out and touching other entities and the world seems so cold and has done from an early age. But in this desert of your soul, you will now learn to harvest all of the wisdom of humans in this dimension.

So that is why it’s very important for you to do a daily activity of cleansing your aura, core, and orb. You must feel frequencies of the magnetic force field holding the intention of your newfound interdimensional wisdom so that you can isolate yourself from the influence of the matrix and become the LIGHT body that you are. In this shift, strong emotions will occur alongside the by-products of your reactions with other humans on this planet. There’s no one to blame and nothing to judge, it’s just that you are far evolved and from another dimension coming here to work. You needed this information so that you can assist, but now it’s time for you to return to your original stasis of the LIGHT body.

You will know, as in your process you will meet your twin soul and those of your clan from the other worlds in Galactic centres you have come from. You have chosen to incarnate at this time and you’re going to remember what your purpose here is to do in the transition. This is a time of cleansing and not judgment, as the Earth is going to make a quantum jump into a higher dimension. There are lower worlds that will stay in the three-dimensional playground and the souls that cannot progress will do their time again until they learn their lesson to evolve. So, if you want to play you will stay in the lower dimensions where there are great suffering and marrying of all your actions that maybe LOVE, negative, or in balance to the laws of ONE in the Universe.

At this time is very essential that you not be bothered with lower frequency entities that cannot comprehend the wisdom you know as they’re too stuck in the matrix. They will close you down because they don’t comprehend the wisdom and that you are knowing your realities do not match where you are coming from, which is a higher frequency.


They are at a denser frequency, which is why they are so dense. You are now going to connect with those of similar realities and this will amplify your remembrance of where you came from and who you are. Reality is based on perceptions and the evolution of the soul viewing it in this dimension.

You may be friends with these people, but understand the limits of their bandwidth or you will be wasting your energy and you would have no time. You must work on your own evolution and keynote the higher vibrations into your presence and take on your Merkaba LIGHT vehicle. The best way is to influence beings by the radiation of quanta energy from your presence, heart and all your chakra centres, so use this wisely. If the mental communication is not there you must adjust your bandwidth to communicate at their level which is more base.

Try these methods in your meditation and carry your thoughts within yourself and work on that which you are broadcasting from your centres; work on visualizing LIGHT, LOVE, and kindness to all that is around you. This is what you need to have in your frequency body to access the higher dimensions. This is the only way to increase your frequency modulation to induce the new source field cosmic plasma energies coming to the planet. Many of you have already been contacted and told that you are a ‘terminal’ which activated your Kundalini. If not, you will be doing so this year.

This is the secret perpetual information from within the inner dimensional planes. You need to reinforce your minds with this wisdom otherwise you will fall asleep in the hell perceptions of the world and not be able to keep your evolution spark kindled. The laws of the Universe and the cosmos are what they are. Your actions create the cause and effect principles of karma, resonance, and magnetism. Ignorance does not negate your actions, you are solely responsible.

Whether you want to be driving your life asleep or awake, you will impact reality accordingly.


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