If you cannot yet completely overcome the distractive forces of others in process of the human personality, it is being indifferent. For the lies and pains of early imprint are surfacing due to the feelings that must be felt. What has been hiding will now come to the surface. What is on the bottom of the cauldron will be excited by the new energies and will precipitate as vapour, the vapour level of the soul force and knowing. For nothing can be hidden when the soul excites the body unit and feelings are truly what we are, not our mental subjective realities.

It is now the time to understand the instant levels again. This is the only thing that will release you from the Matrix and you will be seen as strange and weird by the denser units. It is now time to leave their jelled state of affairs, for in the matching of their pictures they have manipulated you by feelings and judgments of shared limited façade. This is all they know because you do not conform to the Matrix. They will smirk and laugh at you as strange but when you have the inner clarity and connection as a trusting and knowing star child you will know you do not belong here.

So turn your child-self into a dynamic LIGHT being and connect on the inner dimensions. Let them stay with the stimulus of their sexual and stomach appetites. Let them vision the great new controller Google and Facebook and be indulged by the programming and deadening underway. Little do they know that they are to be enslaved now with total exterior mind manipulations. For there is a great AI (artificial intelligence) computer being created with several massive servers that are taking data on everything you say, do, need, and are predicting your every move to haunt you with advertising, desires and social scripts as designed by the Elite New World Order.

Much of what you will be seeing will be holographic trickery and this includes what happened with 911 projectors that were used to crash into the buildings along with explosives. Soon threats and fears of the ETs will be melodramatised. As the world will go through major energetic quakes and seas rise, winds of nature will confront these manipulations and unbind and take down the Cabal.


Never forget, that the very world you live on is the essence and control of a female creator god you term “mother nature“. So, the lost souls will find the diversion of the fallen leaders of corruption.

Nature follows the laws of the system of harmony and is going to rid the plague of these abusive corrupted ones. Never forget who is in charge, it has been allowed as a test. The civilizations of the Earth will be overturned again just like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. But of course, those connected to source and nature will make a new transition. The Ambassadors of RA are in their ships to take those of the heart and soul evolve to the next excited states of existence and this will be the return home for many. These are the builders of the Earth pre-dawn, not the gods of religion nor the saviours of Christian misinterpretation.

This dream of lies will awaken into the real nightmare for those of falsehood and not connected to their soul cord. The carnival is closing and the clown leaders will no longer be able to stop the real realities that will be not of this world. Your bodies will be showing signs of rashes and your emotions coming up and uncontrolled. Things are precipitating first to the higher vibrational beings well before the denser ones get a clue. This is the calm before the storm. The world leaders know what is about to avail itself.

They have been given stellar weapons to fight the returners of the harvest but your nature is your vibratory rate of change and these beings can do rapid changes of states with the advanced craft. Even their very beings are of LIGHT and they can travel as energy by changing their states. They are coming to take us in the chariots of FIRE. The very markings of the Sphinx and the pyramids all around the world tell you of the real history and these are the Ancients of Days.

Those of their soul cord will remember.


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