Those of the collective hive of the mass matrix control you and they do not allow your own freedom to be that which may be different from them. They are a hindrance, a collective busy working as one central mind no different than a collection of sheep, and this is why religion has been created, to control the masses like sheep. They even tell you to have lords and saviours and essentially tell you to become part of the ‘sheeple’ on the planet so that they can fleece each and every one of you and undo whatever they want to herd you as a collective consciousness.

You give up your right to your own empowerment as a Universal starseed child and you become an instrument of the hive, so be aware that this is the agenda of the elite that has been giving this misinformation. They even control your history and thinking and there is safety in numbers, for collectively they influence you in your thinking by the thoughts held. You must learn to isolate yourself and pull away. You cannot ascend to the higher dimensions if you are enslaved into the matrix of perception and realities by the collective which is all created by the agenda of the Illuminati, the elite, and the overlord Argonians of the planet.

For the most part, civilizations have built up for about 4,000 years and then they are recycled and destroyed and fall apart with their social order. This has been happening on the planet for the last 12,000 years because man has become disrespectful to himself and to others, and moreover, to mother nature and Earth which is a sentient being. Everything is linked by identification and vibrational resonance. Whatever you are mixed with will influence you so be very careful to move away when you are just comforted by realities that are not part of your clan.

They will shame you, they will think you’re mad and crazy because they work in the collective union of propaganda of what they believe in. Remember, if you start believing it enough it becomes a manifested reality. The Universe does not work necessarily like the Earth so do not ever think the realities of Earth are Universal. The Earth is a matrix that is designed to be an intern and transition from the lower astral worlds to the higher astral worlds and onto the spirit planes. Souls come in from both dimensions, of the lower end and of the higher, and are also prisoners of the penal code to learn karma and creation, for their essence creates an action and a reaction.

Just remember, you are what you are and you cannot change that. Your personality is what it is, and your nature is what it is. So except what you are and find your best qualities and manifest that as what you want present to the world and to yourself, for you are genuine and you should totally LOVE who you are. Remember, the hindrance programs do not want you to be self-empowered and they rattle off the term ‘egotistical’ which is meaningless.


You should be in your birthright and empowered so that you can ascend. Know this, until you jump to the next orbital of your vibration you can’t change the state of what you are, but when you gather photons, energy electrons, neutrons, and protons you change your state. It is similar in spirit and you become a new element.

That is why you have elements that are different than one another. You’re not just one mix of all the elements, that’s what the world wants you to believe in the matrix. The soul’s journey does not work that way, you are an individual and your resonant frequencies are what take you to where you are. The sooner you learn this the sooner you can be the creator of yourself on your path back to the source from which you came from. Remember, source says you will know me when you know yourself in perfection. So, do not concentrate on changing yourself for the opinions of others. Concentrate on changing your state of awareness.

It is the transmutation of the soul and the purpose of the soul that can overwrite and rewrite the personality and the karma that you are experiencing as consciousness. That’s what you need to focus on, your inner dimension. Do not give your power to others because the people on this planet have no power and that is why they’re here, as they are disruptive. There are only a few people here that are coming in as gatekeepers for the transition. Most people here are from the lower astral realms and that is why so many people are unloving and do things you would not even imagine.

Religions cannot correct this and can only make you program more to deeper into the illusion. What you see in the mirror and who you are is what you must face. You must face your monsters of illusion and rediscover yourself, for only you can change yourself because you are a free agent of consciousness. Discover that you can get off your knees and become a galactic child of the Universe ever advancing. Until then you will stay stuck on the three-dimensional planes in pain, suffering, and illusion. You have to learn to turn on the LIGHT switch within yourself and see with your own eyes and use your own mind, and moreover, be responsible for who you are and what you do.

You’re not forgiven, forgiveness only comes from a state of understanding and knowing, then you do not repeat the lessons. The forces of the hive will inadvertently draw you to the matrix to be stuck as a slave. You have to awaken from the dream and rewrite your dream and create who you are.


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