You live on a world that’s called the ‘planet’. It is composed of humans but all have scripts to learn from experience, but the key word for your essential growth is to plan it. Every Soul on the planet has an orbital of energy and reality and this creates gravities to your own sector of force and being. Understand this, that your attitude creates your frequency vibration as well as your diet and your sense of LOVE to yourself and others. So many people on your planet want to be victims and they hold these thoughts so strong in their intensity that they make it happen because people respond in kind to their gravity.

On your planet, you have a game called ‘pool’ with a pool table and the cue ball which hits a rack of other balls with their numbers, and away they go and collide, randomly hitting the pockets with the first break. This is no different than when you came to the planet, you rock against other beings which could be like the tabletop balls. There are people that clip and are so clever that they know how to make people act and put them into where they need to be at their will. This is how you need to be if you want to be on the world or you will be at the cause of other people’s play of the game of pool, and you are shuffled into their dominance of energy fields and reality.

So when it is your turn to play learn to focus with your power and your intention to where you want to be. This is planning, this is the skill you need to learn to make your life happen. Sometimes the order of things is not in a row, that’s when you need to back off situations and take a look at the instincts of yourself. The trouble with people on your planet is that you have forgotten the power of instant and knowing. You’re too concerned about what the others in the group might think of you and their judgment, and you’re not living your own cause and effect to getting to be where you want to be.

The energies upon your planet are changing the frequency and it’s very important for you to step back and take aim at your life now because of the intensity of power. Every person is going to be magnified with the new energy coming through the planet so learn to craft how to roll your intention. Everybody that is in your way that is negative, sometimes you have to learn to strike your intention at them at the right angle to have them go to where they need to be out of your space. There’s such a quickening happening in your world, that the lost will become more lost and more desperate because their feelings are coming up that they’ve been suppressing all their life.


Karma is deep, it is digging down and resetting the balls on the table for your misses and strike of things you’ve not paid attention to in your life. They’re all coming up and you have to aim specifically to the pockets and set your goals, and depending on the game you play you don’t want to hit the 8 ball in the pocket and lose the game. Just remember the house that rules this world. You’re only renting on the table and it is all a game but in this process, you must learn to master who you are and impact the changes in the experiences you want or other people will take them from you.

Just be aware of where you’re heading as one element of yourself. If you’re lining up pictures and other people, they are seeing that and they’re going to knock you off the course of your direction. So it is very essential for you to hold your intention and see where they’re at in their position. A lot of people do not know they’re only reacting to other balls that have collided with them and they’re not the cause of the effect in this game of life. Right now it’s very essential for each and every one of you to quiet down and to get in touch with your feelings, to look inside the situations and become aware of an end.

You will sense annoyingness of where everybody is by their emotional broadcasting and energy and gravity. I can’t tell you enough how those that are reaching the higher frequencies you must close your eyes and you must feel. You must face your fears and your anxieties and not react to them, not to suppress them, and to ask what it is they’re wanting to tell you and show you. Otherwise, you’re going to just be following the shots of others that have been in your course of your experience. You will not break free of this karmic cycle within yourself and you will be a victim, and life will take you to the table played by others.

Right now, you will either climb up the rungs of the ladder and advance or you’re going to fall, but you’re not going to stay where you’re at because this is a time of cleansing and higher orbital frequencies upon your planet, interdimensionally and astrologically in the cosmos.


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