Many people on the planet are indecisive with self-doubt and no direction. Why? Because there are encouraged to make this their modus operandi. Social peer pressure, media brainwashing by the corporations and of course the religious institutions want followers as sheep to process as batteries for the matrix. Their mental battery of energy and creative force is robbed from them. Even grade teachers are slandered for speaking insightful directions to change people’s connection to the slavery of the matrix. This is the path on by projections of parents is then seen by the children reacting to their entertainment and matching pictures.

This is what indoctrinates people to being weak followers with no self-sense of purpose or inner strength and character. It is only the rebellious that have connected with their soul that have not forgotten the power and determination they chose to come here and bring. Many a child was kept in the dark of their creative energies and did not fit the norm, because they are not the norm. These are the Indigo children that are here, not necessarily to deal with karma, but to help bring teachings and upgrades to the planet. These are the children that if allowed to become their own uniqueness become revolutionary in the field of science, mathematics, and even prophetic enlightenment and great teachers.

The controllers cannot have people coming online and being activated with the new energy coming in, for they know what they are. This is why they want to suppress this ball of energy of dynamic proportion. They are seen as not fitting as in many examples in history such as great beings like Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and iconic Galileo, all bringing the truth which is a contradiction to the control of the churches. Remember all roads lead to Rome, previous roads to Egypt and the centre of Babylon and the Sumerian knowledge. A few bloodlines have decided only they can teach and control the world with their agenda and are fully aware of what is happening and how to manipulate the masses.

This is the elite and the New World Order inclusive of Washington DC which is the military might and propaganda. The Vatican controls through religion in Rome and the banking institution in the district of London, for the bankers are the alchemists creating gold out of thin air. These are the three pillars of power. They are the centres of control and fundamentally decide how the world is going to play out by their design. They are power-hungry warmongers, their church is greed and deception and the military control the swords, guns, rifles, and tanks. The banking industry controls through maritime law and makes contracts upon your birth and has a right to everything you do.


You are an innocent enslaved by them. This is why it is very difficult to be an individual and break free on whatever little freedom they allow you to have to be unique. The way to undo this is to focus on your strengths and not be worried about time or other concerns, but what you feel needs to be done for a greater clarity in your life and self-empowerment. This is a year of great change. This is a year you can reprogram your habits, so make your plans and strategies for what you want this year. Don’t worry about the outcome, worry about the moment and what you are doing to make the corrections necessary for your empowerment. Become the discerner and make the decisions. Learn to have your communication and dialogue and do not reward your weakness with encouragement. This means walking on your own two feet and making your own decisions and learning the consequences.

In this day of knowledge, there’s no reason you cannot research and become strong for you, no one else. You are here living your own life and your framework, remember that. Others are responsible for their own creations. Learn what it is you need to do to become dynamic in the dynamo on your own creative flow and energies, for you are all truly unique. Go that extra mile one day at a time, watch and make order. Pick up that used trash on the ground, file that document or do that that little thing that you need to do that has been haunting you one step at a time. Create new patterns and encourage your growth, this is how you transcend the patterns of habit and ignorance.

Make time to study, exercise, recreate and stay away from the sheeple. They think in packs because there is safety in numbers. Find your inner glow and be cordial and be careful with the nests and their hives for if you attack one you’ll interrupt them and they will all come after you because they are the collective consciousness. You must become the decision maker and encourage your inner communication then your soul will communicate with you. This is your inner voice that tells you what to do, this is who you are. Sometimes you have many aspects of yourself which is the hurting person, the unloved child within, and you must resolve that.

This is why the church has no new prophets and no new information so pay no attention to the doctrines that say this is the spirit realm for you are talking to low spirits. The best thing you can do is get validation from yourself, and remember to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.


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