The Earth is going through a metaphysic shift to the previous rotation, and the ancient grid forms of the planet are opening up the doors. The seals that have been shut are awakening to release the lower astral ways of life and consciousness to the higher frequencies. This is opening up celestial doors that will allow the lower to rise again for the establishment of creative Earth and mind-unification of consciousness and to take the inhabitants of the lower realms to a new state of experience. This is the transitionary stages and change of state. With this, the planet will have a new orbit and “spin” on things.

The polarities will shift on the poles creating an opposite rotation and magnetic flux. This has happened many times on your planet. With this new rotation and field vectors, all of the species on your planet will be in a new vibratory resonance. This happens every 26,000 years as the solar system passes through a null and higher frequency in its orbit around the galaxy. This not only is affecting all of your planets, it is also going to alter the mental Matrix of your world and its biofield coding. This will raise the vibratory receptors in your DNA to realign and change to adapt to a new inner lattice of the life force grid.

This is not the “END TIMES” or “Gods” judgment but graduation for the incarnate and astral entities that have been stuck and asleep for many millennia. Do not be afraid of the significant changes to occur. But be ready for dimensions beyond what you “thought” possible in the Matrix you were imprisoned to by the families and royalties that have ruled your world aided by entities that stayed stuck who know of the hidden knowledge and want to entrap you to just the material realms of the lower density. Many have come into bodies from the higher to help with this transition.


You are beginning to awaken and have made many changes in your life situations to allow a state of detachment and inner growth. You have changed your perceptions, cleansed your vehicles and are beginning to remember beyond the body form your higher states. You are transmuting at the forefront of the rest of humanity to be the terminals that will receive these new energies first to stabilize the collective and create a critical mass. We see things on energy orbs of colour and resonate tones and are working with those that came in and have worked on the transmutation of the DNA memories of the bloodlines in your body for information to relay to us.

When many of you took on the body you did not fit, for you saw the emptiness and were estranged by social games and people’s subjective forms of reality that are not in honour or integrity and separate from nature, propelled by misleading controlled brainwashing of the socially controlled matrix which you are not part of. So now you are processing great fears and isolation cries of the bloodlines that were stuck in these patterns and are soon releasing this past karma and are in the reconnection process to your higher oversoul units and to us. You are now forming overlayed LIGHT bodies that you are shifting states into, and making many transformations and energy shifting as the new energies are coming to the planet.

We are able to converse and help you awaken as you raise your frequencies. You will now begin to remember your mission and work with us in the higher dimensions as terminals and repeaters of lightworkers.

We welcome your return Bringers of the Dawn.


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