The world you know as Earth is undergoing battles of the domain as to who is controlling it and who has rights to it that work behind the scenes as you know it. This is the reality from those that think of the celestial bodies on the lower frequency as something you own. You term this “real estate” and this is not what the Earth really is, nor any other astrological body or planetary mass. Please remember, that each planetary mass of a certain metagenic field has waves of forces and vortices that are a lattice of grids and field that logically incorporate astral fields. These then imprint the dimension of form based on geometric building blocks that the Ancient of Days used in the forming of each character that is evolving into a sentient planetary node.

As this occurs, there is a weaving of the material and high-frequency biotised units or bions that incorporate a living planet. When a critical field has been established, a sentient soul guardian is given a planet as its creation to dream and astral project forms of life and maintain the order of the whole planet. This is why you on your Earth call it Mother Earth or Gaia. Some planets are male like Mars the warrior, and some are of the female principles. Each orb of LIGHT at the centre you term stars or suns are composed of magnetic induction fields that are linked to each central Black Star at the centre of each Galaxy that is composed of two principles, usually a binary black pulsar. Each pulsar is of the male and female principles that transmit energy packets of design and LIGHT fields of energy that create imprints of each planet that is in a solar system as the source of LIGHT energy and force that is induced into the grid of every sun.

There are streams of fibres that unit as a link with every sun and planetary body and to every “living” thing and has a distinct vibration that breathes a flow of forces that work with magnetic fields that align photon energy, electrical energy, and the ethers that are the ocean of cosmic energy. What you term in your understanding of fission and fusion does not contain the main forces behind the functions of the sun. In the other realms, the evolved beings in a higher frequency of LIGHT bodies travel in and out of each sun as a wormhole by transmuting magnetic induction and working within this reality. The lower denser inhabitants of creation are fission and fusion based, and this is their only source of energy.

This is why they do not have the basis of understanding of the connection of the LIGHT grid and battle for powers using the forces of fission as destruction and this is their most powerful way of concurring with these weapons of destruction. Many planets in your sector of the solar system have been destroyed by misuse of this force in the battles of a right to real estate. Your planet Mars was just like Earth until a great war occurred approximately 2 million years ago. There have been 4 civilizations that have been upon the Earth from about 2 billion years ago. The Earth has had many different eras of life and form, from the more advanced LIGHT body visitors upon the planet that created the various worlds, and ages that you see in your fossils.


As the passing of time, the entities of LIGHT became more fused back again and connected to the galactic centre nodes and moved up away from the denser realms. Other forms of animals evolved and each collective mind became tribes and expressions on the astral realms with frequencies of their nature. All are connected by a force that is close to what you know as a feeling of ONENESS and LOVE. This is what travels on the inner dimensional grid.  As part of the forming of the physical life, each creative potential of design of the animal form is induced with a receiving genetic field that attaches the LIGHT spark consciousness from the Galactic centre of the PRIME SOURCE imprints of itself to explore, and great individualized units that reflect their own creation and learning which is what each and every one of HUE are.

You are in the creation of your self-expression working in the denser matter and becoming more of the principles of your knowledge to SOURCE with your experience. Your bodies form collectives of mind and social order and the soul that you are is drawn to resonate the frequency that draws the experience to you based on your vibration. Some of the evolving souls are cut off from the connection to the higher grid and seek to use those connections as energy taps of this creative function. With the understanding of these principles, some groups have conquered your planet to dominate and control the free entities incarnating and tap their life force to control you by making your perception of yourself believe that you are only the denser bodies of the bio-machines.

As you lose your connection to the higher realms and grid, by only focusing on real estate matter becomes a dead material object, and that planetary soul is dominated by oppressive entities that have lost the connection to the Universal understanding. They use nuclear reactions that destroy the fields and isolate the planet and the inhabitants from the PRIME SOURCE connection. The soul consciousness that inhabits the planet will call out to PRIME SOURCE and a cleansing of the disruptive inhabitants are recycled again with great cosmic solar flares and this vibrates the planetary bodies to align it again and there is a rebirth.

This is what is happening on your planet Earth. It is making a transition and those souls on the planet will evolve to another frequency, and at the same time, a lower field of ASTRAL replication will take the lower disconnected entities downward into its gravity to learn on its own what the disconnection causes. Think of this as the transition of fission, the splitting of unstable nucleus releasing large amounts of energy, the path of the downward disconnection and the fusion where fields are uniting in LOVE and creation to enhance an expansion of energies to the next level on the Astral planes.

This is my best attempt to express what is happening on your planets at this time.



  1. I have been intrigued with your description of what is occurring.
    However I do not believe that we are returning to the ancient of days this would be so primitive.
    I believe we are will only move forward to expierence our world like never before!!!!

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    1. I believe what is being said is that those people who do not want to awaken or transition and insist on staying in the old energy will have their own alternate Earth reality. There will be more than one ‘Earth’ for everyone to experience yet we will all be here but just not bumping into each other anymore. Hard to explain but this is not the first time I have read this explanation. Picture a second floor for lightworkers and awakened ones and a lower level for those children who are playing in the old energies and do not want to move on. Possibly the only way to achieve any change at this point as they are so ‘stuck’ in their ways of playing and living.


  2. You have explained the scenario so well as usual. This is the third time I am reading this explanation. However, you go one more step and explain the how and why of it and I thank you as always.

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