It is one thing to touch a body, it is another to see the soul. It is one thing to feel the emotional connection and the history of experiences kept inside the mind, and here lies the dilemma. We take our experiences, both the good and the bad and often stay stuck.  We are showing what we are, not from our being, but from our pain and hurt and unresolved completion from experience. We compare accumulations of ideas and concepts which revolve around our pain and not our duty and our soul experiences. We’re often so afraid to look at what is merely a shadow in ourselves and here lies the main problem of people and their experiences of LOVE with others.

Not until that is sorted, there is dis-ease and disappointments. For what we are drawing into our experiences are merely matching pictures of our identity that is not really us, but our pains and suffering which is so much part of life. Here lies where we need healing.  We need to process emotions coloured with pictures and concepts and reach to our core and embrace the parts of ourselves that have become fragmented in pain, instead of looking for others to fulfill the pieces of our presence that have been disassembled. Until we can process this there will never ever be someone that we can reflect new ideas and new ventures of elation between each other.


That is why substances and chemical alterations that are so prevalent in society are used to stuff our feelings. And our feelings are the most golden thing we have that amplify the whole experience of life.  That is why people are numb, they can’t handle what they’re feeling because their feelings are telling them to change. They are afraid and don’t want to change because they are hurting and co-dependent with pieces of themselves that are lost. Until you do deep bodywork and a cleansing you will not integrate your connection with your soul.

Here lies the homework, finding yourself and your fragmented pieces to reflect all of the memories of pain. Look into it and see how you have reacted to it. In the process of reacting, what you have created is really what you need to overcome. Get down to the core of what it is you need to feel. Send that LOVE and embrace yourself as a whole.  It’s not something you can do with your mind by analysing, it’s something you do with your heart and your feelings in embracing these emotions.

For your emotions are your real soul.


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