There are many ways to look at this question, for there are many “things” to learn about with the different functions in life. From survival or primordial to tasks suited for work and then, of course, the lessons we learn about our being and its mingling with others in a social context.  All are important and serve you well in life, for knowledge is power and has the real currency to the owner of the skills of knowledge. But in the mix of life’s lessons is the application of what we know, and our actions as well as knowledge. For will, discretion, and creativity are also important to dress the soul to wherever it journeys.

Adaptability is a skill as well as learning to function in your environment in the most efficient and balanced manner. There are certainly lessons in life and your experiences, but one must remain flexible and adaptive and in the flow of being. This is stated, for we also learn at times negative values about ourselves and others which make us jaded and callous, and this area needs discretion so that the soul does not assume that all is bad and makes generalisations that it pins on others.

Here is where we must learn to heal. For often in our lessons, we learn to pull back and become less naive about human nature. This then limits our flexibility and pains are stuffed deep down in the body and numbs the communication of the soul. This dear ones, is why it is so important to be around positive people that are in touch with their souls and in balance and to move away from negative breeders of hate and addictive substance abusers. Everyone you are in contact with does have a vibration that you are affected by.

This is a very important lesson, for you are who you hang around with as social education and habits. Review your life and see what it is you have learned and what it is you must unlearn and gain a more expanded vision of the Universe and your connection to it. Remember, when you leave your body there is a time of review that is the inventory your soul and your guides grade you on. If you do this process when you’re still alive in your life, you will have a better report card and score.

Enjoy your life, learn and distinguish the many levels of knowledge and refrain from falling asleep into stagnation and complacency, for in doing that you will have wasted a life that was given to you to learn.

Be in study, always.


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