Be aware, for in the sea of life there are many Pirates and many parasites looking for a host, both on a biological and the spiritual realms.  They come in when you welcome them and don’t know of them. Ignorance is no excuse nor is kindness or lovingness.  You are just fuel and food for them to host off, for they have their own agenda. You will find them everywhere throughout the Galaxy.

So mind your wisdom to spot them and learn to defend and unroot their seeds for they will greatly affect your positive mental success. You will find more of this infiltration by being around people that are chaotic and generally lost souls for they are open portholes for lower astral energies.  Be aware, because around them you’re very connected with them and they can infect you.

Any teaching that says love everybody equally is ignorant because they want everybody as sheep to program and control. They don’t want people that are aware and can excel the flock that may follow them.  I know too many are well-trained and programmed with the brainwashing of institutions and religions. It won’t shame you and scorn you if you at all change their perception of reality.  Waste not your time to talk to the deaf, do not show visions of the deep truth to the blind. Your path is your Ascension not theirs.

The concept of LOVING and ONENESS in the sense of becoming a stew of chaotic brewing or cooking means all of the flavour of your originality and soul must take on the mass consciousness. That is why it is so important to find your inner LIGHT and unplug from those around you, especially the media, for they will falsely instruct you to stay stuck in the quicksand of their illusions and reality.

When you break free you will find tension, like pulling your foot off of bubble gum, for the conglomeration of the mind or mass consciousness sticks you with it. The reaction will be great when you begin to find your path and freedom away from the collective of the lower frequencies.  Do not try to share your truth with the ignorant for this only creates cognitive dissonance and that in itself will bring you down and blend you with an emotional reaction.

Just remember, how you react to things makes you one with it.


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