And there was the teaching that promoted remembrance unto the vessel that held the soul so that it may share of the ancestors that spoke in the blood of the DNA that was LIGHT by the spark again of life. For this was the real teaching that knew that the soul is connected and here to experience and be in splendour.  And there was the teaching that assumed the entity was not of spirit and wise.

So it was taught how to learn by being programmed by religion and systems of the world impressing upon the soul a mind that must become an enslavement unto this entity and teach it the laws and ways of the ‘govern mental’ controllers to educate a slave and a follower. But the children that come into the world are the Indigo and Crystal beings, they already know.


So this is known and feared, so they are given Ritalin and vaccines are forced upon them so that the new cosmic fields that Earth is going through will suppress the DNA strands that would align and create the restoration mutants of the advanced souls coming here for the transition. To stay in the ‘schools’ you must have your child vaccinated with these alien field suppressors.

And to the rest of the world, they will powder them with aluminum oxide, barium, thorium to stop their brain function and burn out their immune system. Thorium will increase grown functions and weight gain and thyroid cancer. Travel to the inner LIGHT web, purify your diets and cleanse these toxins and stay in the vibrations of LOVE.  We are working behind the scenes and awakening those of the seasoned.

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