And a door opened because she knocked, yet it was her that was the stranger that entered. For they knew her yet she felt something inside she already knew, and even her body, yet it was her mind which was estranged. The rest of her felt comfortable and in the knowing. It was as if the mind was the mask that hid her and her understanding. Instead of working to educate her it was working to hold her back.

It concentrated on memories, tried to solve and hold pain and hurt, at the same time as protecting her, but as she began to shine in her heat a radiance burned and flashed through the mind. And the mind felt like ice and became cold and as her heart filled her body the mind began to melt and drained through her eyes. The tears were the releasing of held pain and judgment for protection and understanding from the world she left to enter the doorway.

She looked back and saw a body lying on the ground like the form she would see in the mirror but it was lifeless and she realized that she had made a transition to the 4th dimension until then. Torn between the new loving environment and the duty she had to the body of meat laying there in the 3rd dimension devoid of the perceiver and consciousness she was trapped into that what held her hostage in the Matrix.


Then she remembered her dreams and how she would knock on the door and it would open and a wondrous LIGHT and beings were there. They were HUEman not human. The very essence of them had colours of LIGHT each painted in colours of their thoughts and feelings. Each time she awoke in the return of the 3rd dimension to ‘fall asleep’ she called the other a dream. As the transmutation of her inner LOVE and understanding became more of her loving herself without measure to others, the density of the 3rd lost its hold on her.

She remembered something in each of her teachings with her family. I may be in differences with others but that is because they are hurting and cannot resolve their pains. So I see the LIGHT and beauty in them and the programs of the mind that are sick, covering the glow and their happiness and real self. It was then that I got it as to hold those of sickness to the best of their abilities and find something to reach out to them.The frequency changes state and I have uplifted a reprogram message in them.

That was the key to me being free and the soul lesson to free me. Since I could fully grasp this, I knew and my ascension was in the final moving and transmutation. For to enter this new state all that was necessary was LOVE for all and understanding that confusion comes from the latent pain that was within myself, and all of the episodes the Earth was just my own lack of LOVE and understanding lighting up.

I chose now to LIGHT the good in everyone and let the ugliness fall away to the embracement of LOVE and the divine spark of the soul in everything. The mind of the body in the 3rd dimension could not reprogram from the virus of human history and programming. I took the essence of the 4th dimension and maintained that dream.

That was the opening of the door and my soul followed.

Anna NaRaca RA

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