Be prepared to know.  The Moon as you know is not just the Moon that you see in the heavens.  It is actually very much connected to the Earth for observation and ancient studies of civilizations very much like a petri dish and an experiment, for life-forms are inoculated to study.  The surface of the Moon is beyond what you may appear to see, it is cloaked.  The whole moon really is a massive satellite workstation that is very ancient. There are two main species at war and in conflict with your Earth.  The ancients, from Draconian which are reptilian based lifeforms, and those of the mammalian-based architectural forms.

As mentioned before in a previous disclosure the battle is of these two groups who feel that they have an entitlement to these terrestrial quadrants and they have been battling for ages.  The beings operating frequencies and vibrations of the higher dimensions you’re not yet perceiving.  Both of these species are living on the earth.  There are deep underground civilizations of reptilian ancestry as well as ancient evolved civilizations that have transcended what you see on the surface which is very far advanced, with a location mainly inside the hollow portion of the Earth at the South Pole Antarctica.  Your world government and leaders know of this and are currently making contact and have been for the last 40 years.

They are uncovering an ancient civilization pre-adamic which came here to this planet 2 million years ago.  During a cataclysmic pole shift, the Earth went into a flash freezing condition and this civilization ventured deeper within but many perished.  The celestial spacecraft, technologies, and buildings are still preserved under 2 miles of ice.  This knowledge has been hidden from mankind and the leaders of the world ‘the elite’ know of another change that is going to occur very soon and are preparing to protect themselves and their bloodlines.  And now that your technology is advanced they are creating hybrids and very advanced DNA bodies as well as AI (artificial intelligence) beyond your imagination.  But your souls are not your bodies.  There are many programs running at the same time simultaneously.

Your souls have great knowledge and great understanding but your personalities in human form are under the influence of the experiment in the Matrix. You have upon your world devices that limit your mobility so you’re under house arrest essentially.  This is what your body-mind incarnation is.  Your life is filled with your own personal test and study and there is a veil.  To access this you reach a certain state of evolution and growth.  We are at a calm before the storm, but this I can tell you.  Like a pen of wild stallions trapped behind a fence, the world leaders are trying to cover up the changes that are occurring because if and when you find out it’s going to be mass world chaos and people will be like wild animals trying to survive.


The recent movies like 2012, Zombie Apocolypse, and Planet of the Apes are all there to teach you and encode your minds and they are in fact telling you what is to occur and what is happening.  So I can tell you, many of you are going to experience quantum vibrational changes within your personal bodies in an acceleration of your intelligence and awareness beyond what you thought possible while you believed you were just human.  You will be seeing technologies and sightings of very ancient crafts that are interdimensional. They’re here right now and cloaked.  Pay no attention that these beings are something to be afraid of.  The real reality that you should concern yourself with is your Universal connection and awakening.  You need to become released from the Matrix.  You are more than you think you are.

You are more than your bodies but part of yourself is running a program because your soul needs to understand karma and experience this in the biological temporal petri dish.  Your abilities to solve problems and to excel behind all that is against you is encoded in your Akashic body as a currency. This is your soul collective and is something you have been working on for at least 25 thousand years in the creation of yourself as a separate individualized unit of Prime Source.   How you have passed your test and evolve will determine your next level of existence throughout the Universe.  Just as you burn with the ability to have your own children, you adapt and are excited about a new opportunity to have a new baby. Very many terrestrial solar systems operating on different frequencies will take you in as their new-borns all based on your energy vortex which will determine your new bodies in form and your next dispensation of existence.

Meanwhile, this is all happening behind the scenes because your soul is filling out applications like you’re going to a college or university.  Beyond all, remember your integrity and LOVE to every creature and every person without necessarily taking on their karmic baggage.  Your soul will be reaching down to your current biological test you call a personality in this time quadrant.  This is the final piece of the puzzle of who and what your soul unit is.   The transition will begin moving to the 4th Dimension.  Many will make the test and it is not based on their religions, knowledge and beliefs or understandings but of the integrity that that soul has invested in personalities, like a diploma.  What you think you are is not just a singularity of personality.  There are greater aspects of yourself that are hidden in memory, many incarnations in various realms and worlds.

But as far as the experiment on this Earth dimension, this is all about to change because the Earth itself is going through a Quantum Leap of vibrational frequencies and since your bodies are made up of its construct you are where you need to be and you will be influenced and carried along by this.  This is Ra returning. Your Elite and religious figures think they have the knowledge, but they lack compassion and they’re not worthy of the new technology nor the evolution they think they’re entitled to. For they have forgotten the main ingredient which is LOVE and respect for all life forms in the law of one.  They’re not ready to have these higher technologies and understanding and they will be dealt with severely to their nature of knowing.  Karma will credit and collect accordingly. It is a Universal principle that all species of life throughout the Galaxy and Universe must be coherent of.

In conclusion to the information, the Draconian entities are working with the governments of the world to deceive people and to dominate this planet they feel they’re entitled to in their studies of lifeforms.  The world governments do not have the rights of passage or initiation for the other, which is RA and the Annunaki who are coming back for the harvest of the souls in this experiment. This is a time of great deception by the religions and the governments and they already know that the ambassadors of RA and the Federation of Light are already telling them to stand down.  This includes the secret space program, reverse engineering, and the Fourth Reich.  There are many signs in the crop circles and many signs that you will see in the skies.  The governments of your world are unified and are working in whatever way they can to mask this.

They do not want a panic, nor to be taken over by the masses for criminal activities and their atrocities to man.



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