The SUN is the porthole in every solar system that establishes the connection to the grid that is the passage of time and space to the presence of the creator source. It is by your SUN that you are fed and nourished, and all that is in matter must have this energy to sustain the fuel to be alive in your world and in all worlds. In the SUN, like the link of LIGHT fibres that are the conduit filaments that carry energy packets, forms of creational links to the source of your Galaxy the BLACK pulsars in the centre. that all revolves around.

This pattern is repeated in all forms and is the fractal constant principle throughout the Universe. The SUN is not LIGHT, it is the portal of energy flow originating from SOURCE. No man or being can know me except through the SUN, for the SUN is the link to the SOURCE that I AM.  From your SUN all SUNS in every Solar system is established unto me. And in every galaxy, the Black Stars, or ‘Pulsars’ are all connected as portals. We are all linked and ONE. How else can I reach the spans of space and time with my creation?

All is consciously linked through the passage of fibres down to every lifeform repeating this process of communication. Where there is the energetic flow of my principle, there is health and everlasting life sustained. Even in your bodies do you work with fibres that connect to your brains and the centre of the pineal gland does your soul, my energic sparks of the ONE do you see. If you want to remember me look to your SUN and feel my presence and think of me and HUE will know me.

The disruptive force has taught you not to connect to your SUN to like on the inner net of fibres and to be in union with SOURCE, so you are disconnected from your power. Know this, all changes and upgrades come in and out of your SUN. This is how I reach my worlds. This ancient knowledge has been corrupted into thinking and believing that you must be saved by archetypes of human-created beings to know yourself and be saved. For this very reason, you are not in harmony and battle among yourselves for scripted truths when all you need to do is return through the SUN, a portal of connection to me.



Soon more and more vibrational changes are to occur upon your planet Earth and all your planets as new energy patterns will make the SUN have further vibratory pulses of energy, and this will upgrade fresh cleansing and models in a new cycle. For those of the LIGHTWORKERS, your bodies are already linked to your SUN and you will feel these pulses and upgrades as radiation centres of creation in the chakras of the hands to heal and send the forces that are coming to your planet and solar system.

Your feet will ground out and charge the Earth to transmute the dross of illusion that was programmed into you by the disrupted Matrix in your DNA. Your minds will have new informational packets of energy through the SUN of higher Quanta. This is the beginning of your ascension and the remembrances of who you are. The Ambassadors of the Ancient of Days RA will be visiting in his return with the time travel ships and tools of creation. RA and his agents are creative architect-builders that work on planets and the LIGHT sparks of consciousness as one of the Keepers of the Flame of the SUNS.

Imagine and feel your connections to the SUN, and from there you must draw this force of energy packets that empower your souls and link yourself to the galactic centres. This will improve your evolution and health. Feel and meditate the SOURCE into your very veins, plug yourselves into the grid, a great time is at hand for metamorphic changes. Prayer of deities and religious dogma will not like you to SOURCE, it will only cut off the flow and connection to your souls into the Matrix that holds you estranged to the understanding of just who HUE are.

This was always known as the way of access. Your ‘govern mentals’ and religious leaders have corrupted this with the shadows of man and anthropomorphic images to make you forget and control you.


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