You can only know based on the information you can obtain. Once a book is written and the chapters completed the story is based on its writers. Many of your religious books have writers with ideas and stories, and that is just what they are. Books written in the past do not update and typically they lose their influence upon people and become dated.  This is not the case when many have ritually followed and ordained the stories as gospel, sound and true. When you automatically assume that a teaching has no agenda that is when you stop researching and updating your rational expansion. What you believe now takes “faith” to swallow and the normal mechanism of thought must shut down its quest to look deeper.

The books that have been written to tell the “stories” of the time by the masses ability to know include science and empirical thinking based on the technologies of the time. Here lies the great dilemma of your claims of knowledge that has not expanded to meet what is now common science and knowing by evolution. What you know as ancient truth has been artificially modified to update what is the apparent absurdity to current understandings now present upon your world. Yet so many of you believe and knock on doors to share your new-found “truths” and if you do not accept it you will be punished in hell and not saved.


Oh yes, the power of fear at its greatest! Because from where you are you cannot look beyond the veil to verify. Know that history has a select few that have found very advanced technologies, maps, writings, astrological and astronomical predictions and events to occur, which gives the discoverers and conquers a great advantage to writing history and events to predict and validate their discoveries. So you have a few that know of these books, technologies, and realities about the existence and creation of man which are kept hidden in the catacombs of Rome. They have become the keepers of this information that is “unworthy” of the common man and if found out would take their advantage of their seats in office, and in the ruling of the planet.

So what you are taught are their stories, not a history of facts and expanded knowledge that revolves around very advanced star-faring entities which have sciences and technologies beyond the basic bows and arrows that were the state of man, and beyond even today what we may know. The reality is that there are two companies of man, the Elite and the common man. This provides the human resources for the select keepers of the advanced technologies and is why they destroy the new discoveries that would take away their control of your limited understandings and their hold over you.

Just know this, the Ancients of Days that expand hundreds of thousands of years as inhabitants of this world are returning and because of your current technologies they will not be seen as Gods, but rather advanced civilizations and alien travelers.


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