The difference between knowledge and religions that have become the extensions of the Elite, is that knowledge can expand and grow. What is said in the Religious books never does adapt and evolve. When you take a leap of faith you will fall sooner or later when you hit the ground.  When you ascend and are aware of your skills on your path up the mountains of discovery away from the masses, you must be vigilant to the new heights you see and experience.

And only the climbers that ascend and go through the actions in the reified hot air can see the view from the knowledge they have obtained in the journey.  The social climbers of the Elite already know some of the hidden ways by their bloodlines and special privileges of a group of people that have their rights and rituals. They have not earned this right and are adolescent in their character. And most important, is that they have no compassion for life and their moral instincts are overridden by their conceit.


Just remember, they are human and no one escapes the ‘Keepers of Karma’ and sentence here. But this has been allowed, for they serve to help the element and character of the soul show its colours with maturity or ignorance, and if you abuse these limited “powers” you will be quarantined.  This is what the Elite are sadly having to know, for they see us now and are afraid that their ruling of the planet is over.

We are here to restore the fair right and undo their damage.  And yes, they will make you hate and fear us and deceive you with their craft using technologies that you have not even seen to make their Black Magic and Evil agenda take hold. Rebellious and fitting, they will try to destroy with their toys ‘the world’ and your minds and bodies to reach for your souls.  Remember that there are the good and the bad, the LIGHT and the darkness, all part of the tongues of the snake.


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