As you move up to the higher dimensions of your being with your vibrations, you become more and more connected because your state of consciousness can reach higher planes and higher levels.  As you reach these higher levels sentient beings that are observing humans in their study and schooling of the nature of humans will show interest in you. You are awakening as a human form in a personality and they will be near you. These are often photographed as orbs because it is their frequency of consciousness reaching down to this level.  People of the death vibration have no respect for anything but their own mental perspective which has been conditioned and have a very limited matter that lowers your frequency.  They deal with the first three chakras at a very base reality.  They are reactionary and stuck in lower frequencies and usually pull in discarnate entities or the Draconian force on this planet.  The key point is you can affect anything with your intention with higher frequencies so always maintain a high frequency and then you’re not attached to reactionary transmissions.

The receiver that you are will not have to view connections from lower frequencies.  Many of HUE are starting to move into the fourth dimension which is a higher frequency and you are establishing downloads into your astral body of LIGHT that is incorporating around many of HUE for the transition into the newer frequency states the planet is going through.  Some of you have a term called the ‘Mandela Effect’.  These are in fact parallel realities in this astral Matrix hologram of potentials.  But as you reach the LIGHT bodies you are moving from one theatre to another and have a knowing that you are the observer and that these are all potential worlds of the prison world that you are learning in the moment.  This is like walking on a campus of a school, there are many levels and teachers working with the students.  Each has a separate level of awareness and each has a different accumulated testing of abilities and schooling with their incarnations.

As you have in your grade schools and colleges programs where you can excel in your level and to go to college while you’re still in high school and get college credits, it works very similar, in the same way when these beings that I have spoken of from the 4th and 5th and higher dimensions which are like job recruiters. They are watching you and very much interested in your well-being.  They can become your guides but they’re invested in you and their job is to guide you and stare you to the higher educational levels where you can start to have your dimensional LIGHT body or the Merkaba vehicle, to transfer the data and get your credits to move on to your college in the universe, to the other Realms of higher frequencies.  So think of the Earth as grade school and of course college entry levels. This is the frequency modulation of your particular quadrant you call ‘Earth School’.

Keep in mind, this is as I stated before the petri dish, a testing area and processing area for discarnate and rogue souls that need to be quarantined in what we call the ‘cage world’.  This is not to punish you for you punish yourselves with your actions, but we cannot allow your random chaotic behaviour which is disharmonious in the higher frequencies.  The energy you would distort would cause harm to other beings and be magnified by these frequency realms.  Be aware that there are many astral planes and creative universes which are in fact real because everything is a held mindset of consciousness.  What may be in another astral plane does not mean that it is not real nor is it not real on your planet.  It is the experience and the interaction of photon concept of creative soul reflection.  These are the realms that the soul entity goes through, for in fact, the whole universe is ONE mind presence and all fractally connected.  It has been said that you are ‘God looking at God’, you are the Creator and the offspring of its conscious spark viewing the vistas and also creating yourself authenticity.

It is your doing to yourself and your perfection ‘Masters in the Making’.  So if you want to play in the sandbox that’s where you’ll be until you are ready to make the move, but you must play within the constraints of your quadrant of your solar system in the 25 to 26 thousand year cycle that it takes to circle and go through seasons.  This is when the headhunters arrive and when your world goes through a quantum vibrational magnification of whatever there is on many different levels intertwined and they all start to meet up.  This is why many of HUE are processing so many emotions and why you have so many extremes of negativity, violence, and corruption all coming to the surface as well as the disclosure of the LIGHT vehicles that we use, interdimensional beings and what you might call Angels.   They are really just a higher frequency beings of consciousness looking to recruit the souls to take them to the higher realms based on their credentials and lessons.  There are so many galaxies and inhabitable worlds and mixed within themselves is the density of at least a hundred different frequencies of the Astral, from what you might term your ‘planetary bodies’.

Do understand that frequencies have worlds and realms.  With your dense frequency, you may go to a planet that maybe thousands of degrees cold or close to 0 degrees in space.  Keep in mind that with this 3-dimension perception and frequency modulation what you have is also the envelope of meat that you call your human bodies. They have to resume to the frequency constraints and rules of vibrational realities in science and nature.  With that said, with the planet there is a soul and an entity in a conscious Matrix so if you change your frequency you may astral travel or what you call ‘remote view’ and find that there are very advanced beings.  They are LIGHT beings because they’re not at that density of what might be uninhabitable upon your physical form at present.  The Mandela Effect is essentially these different astral planes coming together at different frequencies, like all of the grades in the gymnasium handing out awards and reviewing the graduation process.


This is what this is, and other dimensions you’re not receiving but all is coming to LIGHT because of the cosmic equinox that is going to cause major solar flares.  These are actually energy packets of evolution that affect your DNA imprint and radio frequency of biological form that you are connected through induction of your spinal and physical forms of semiconductors attached through your third eye (pineal gland). This is along with the DNA of your ancestors for your lesson that was programmed upon your entry and contracts with your parents and your wardens that have counseled you for the lessons you need to learn upon the Earth.  The good news is that the Ancient of Days Ra the sun keeper returns with the energetic wormholes and magnetic globes of the nuclear engine that sustains the flux of input from the galactic centre.  Just remember, your soul orbs have a certain frequency, colour, and Akashic history attached to them like a memory stick hard drive or ‘flash drives’ as you call them in your terms of Technology.

So, your holographic self has many different experiences and levels of degrees but if you don’t meet the basic fundamental requirements you cannot be taken to the colleges of the Universe until you finish passing the grade and this may take another 25 thousand years.  Keep in mind that the form of your electromagnetic radiation of your planet will make another change in quantum influx and its whole planetary body as you know it will reverse its polarity, and crystalline structures that are all part of the Matrix for the higher frequency that will induce are to activate and enhance the 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional step to the 5th dimensional frequency band.  Meanwhile, the older Earth will take upon it the older failed students and lifeforms that do not get the lessons of the law of ONE, that is harmony and respect to all life forms and self-authenticity with dynamic use of will and creativity in a positive-self for your own expansion.  Prime Source wants you to be in perfection as Masters.  You will not be punished by not serving “God, Lord or Saviour”, you will just not be able to make the transition.   You will have flunked your schooling and you’ll have to start again, it is that simple.

You are students in the universe and your Ascension is the frequency return to perfection and all the encounters where you will be an individualized unit of character and yet unified with the presence of ONE.  You’re not the other beings that are reptilian or of other insect-type of body form.  They are all still part of the experiential units of the creative Prime Source and just as you have your lesson today, so they are just in a different expression of biological and mental constraints but at whatever frequency and biological units they’re in.  It is mandated that you follow the principles of LOVE, responsibility, and harmony to all life forms.  If your agenda does not contain LOVE and oppresses and hurts others you will not escape your debts you term ‘Karma’ and unfortunately many of the elite have false and grandiose hopes that they are somehow better when they are actually working with Draconians who are using them as pawns.

They have a temporary life of maybe a hundred years and they will have incurred debts that they have not known to pay back and get the lessons of every suffering entity, for we’re all connected so what they get is your experiences. Every entity that has had an emotional mental strain, this will be bathed around them for they have put this out and this will come back and return to them and they will see that they are in fact creators as well.  Until you humans and beings of other planets understand these principles you will have chalked up many lessons that may become overwhelming. You cannot escape your creations for you are part of the creator, you will ‘get your just desserts’ such as you call it in your world.  So you have to get out of the concept that somebody else is going to do it for you and that somehow you are sinners and there are going to be saviours.   This is part of the illusion you have to escape in your Matrix on Earth for it was set up by the overlords.  They somehow think that the ancient knowledge they obtained gives them a special bonafide privileged over each and every lifeform and that they are looking out for you, that you’re all incapable. Just understand this before Ra comes.

There are the ‘Blue Avians’ as you see in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that are very advanced souls that operate on the 7th to 9th frequencies of dimension.  They are closely aligned with Prime Source and consciousness and their agenda is to enforce the law of ONE.  Your greatest power is to flow with the interdimensional grid.  I have informed you in previous print to rid yourself of ignorance and oppression within yourself and stop thinking of yourself as ‘limited’ for you are only as much as you can think and imagine you are.  Nobody has any more right to your life and your advancement than you have to yourself, all based on your opinion and your belief, for this creates frequency modulations that brings in all the magnetic synchronicity into your life. You’re in great times dear souls ‘Masters in the Making’.

It is necessary to give you this teaching today and to keep up my commitment of the information for your forming on the inner.  It is a great time, many of HUE are advancing with your frequencies and are making Quantum changes. Many of us are working with you lightworkers and we thank you for overcoming the trials of the Matrix and illusion you have been so grounded into believing, that the movie of this Matrix was really who you are and the realities.  Now you’re finding out just what kind of creators you really are and what your potentials are.

Just remember, with LOVE, you must LOVE yourself first.



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