There is the Matrix and there is the ‘Mate Tricks’. All based to keep you dependent on sexual distractions and to keep breeding, hence overpopulation and self-indulgence. So one must be clear about their supposed agendas for these are great forces of fire and creation or potential enslavement and breeding of more containers for the controllers of this petri dish.

So they will say in none verbal ways that they “do not give a fuck about you” by their actions, and you had bonded creating the new quanta of form and enhancement of identities filled and amplified by LOVE. You had bonded with their souls with fire for meaningless enslavements, hence so many divorces. And the family becomes more breeders of this continued meaningless exchange in this mission, which is the union of two souls on the same plane on this matrix realm.

This is why so many of HUE are FUCKED and must now be in union unwillingly with another, not as a compound of new states of experiences such as Hydrogen and Oxygen into their flowing forms of water, now you have two different elements H – husband and O – ovaries (wife) – male and female. Two different elements that have not bonded into each other’s soul orbitals creating the new quanta of form.

Sometimes the woman is in battle with the man and the man is in battle with the woman’s elements. The sexual fire does not combine like it should for the sparks of the kundalini and this does not reach the higher centres but remains only in the first, second, and third centres. And now the women becomes a FEEmale. They are a commodity and it comes with a FEE for sex, a bargaining currency.


And this is why it is so important to understand that if a man and woman just merge for the sake of play and ‘getting off’ and there is no knowledge of the power of that sexual energy, then their sexual union is mostly used for their own self-gratification, it becomes what they can get out of it.

Sexual energy is a very powerful CREATIVE FORCE. Remember this, as sexual energy can be used to either create, or destroy. The two elements fuse to become the enhancement of what you term a compound chemically bonded as a body of ONE. A new state that is the union of the duality on Earth as a body of ONE, where both hearts are one and will be for the rest of life if this is achieved.

This is why “LOVE” becomes static and stale for it has not united by the ARC (Affinity – Reality – Communication) and SPARK (Spirit – Pleasure – Attraction – Releasing Kundalini). This turns two elements into a compound and in this you create life and your fluids flow into containers of form and new life. With this fact of the union of female and male, yin and yang, positive and negative charges, you cannot be neutral/neutral.

Anyone that promotes this is delusional. These are people that are in pain because of incest, rape and the patterns of pain programming their minds and this is their way to change their pain in denial of what they cannot heal or transmute.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA

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