Boredom is when you look at all the possibilities you have to build things but choose to create nothing because the soul connection has lost ambition. For the soul is the inspiration and the motivation that moves the personality to accomplish great things in life.  Never forget the healing powers of nature and take time to be in the presence of the medicine of nature. Often these are reasons that we do not feel motivated.

Rest and recreation are essential and the need to be detached from the daily work mode. The soul needs balance to integrate with vision apart from work.  As important it is to work hard, so must you learn to play hard and leave the days of work unto themselves. One’s attitude in life is often based on the simple knowing of recreation.  Take time to get away and stop congesting yourself with “duties”.


Oh, and the powers of knowledge and education to the soul is so important! Take time to learn things you are drawn to. That way the mind will think about the new things you put into it and will identify with things of that nature to input comparisons.  Know the power of food and substances you partake of. Food is a fuel and very influential to your state of being, for you are so much of what you eat.

Keep in the know that the very bacteria in your body hungers for what it thrives on.  Do you crave meat?  Know the bacteria and microorganisms within you become the driving force of your body. Change your diet and you will change your attitude, energy level, and sense of well being.  These are indeed some very essential things to keep mind of for a happy life.


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