Think of people like distillers, for often the vapours of their inner restlessness is changing states and venting from their minds and mouths. Often it is not even who they really are, for the centred needs less, talks less, is observant and in touch with people by the focus on their being, not their accumulations and the restless search for the meaning of their emptiness. When you are at the higher levels, that is your being in balance.

When it requires restless agendas and fear-based actions the flow from the soul is lacking to energize the intentions of the master that is more of deep forces of LOVE and wisdom from a state and place of knowing. The master manifests with his or her intention and reaches things with LOVE and understanding that is primal, this is why children stop and trust you and connect with you, as well as animals.

For the restlessness of the frantic mind has been harnessed to focus on LOVE and playfulness. Beings are then connected to the LIGHT grid of affinity. Feeling and sending this is the way of mastery, unlike the need to dominate and hold your socially oriented beliefs that entrap HUE. You become HUE when the energy centres are grounded and the cosmic source flows through you like the radiation of and incandescence all from the shifting of your state of being.


Magic Yoga - Moonlight Meditation

If there is trouble with the connection the wise just move on and do not fill the void of the endless emptiness of those that drain and cannot be of the same reality. Know this, that the very religiously indoctrinated work in group minds and must read their manuscripts as written words of the gods of man, while the real SOURCE is within them and they will never allow new insight to come into their precepts and programmed matrix.

They are deadlocked into misunderstanding by things always being outside them and in “gods” order of things.  So the movie of life is always and only from the reels of the few select and they welcome others as long as they all can watch the same movie of conditioned matrix reality. This is why there are so many sheep in the world and ‘Lords and Gods’ to tend to the flock using them in the collective like the brainwashed young man in the military for their agendas.

There is the banking, political, military, and the church mindsets of ‘sheeple’ upon your world, all pawns in the control of the overlords on this world.  Think you are free? You better think again from the position above the world agenda.


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