As always, it is charming and wonderful to speak with you earth incarnates. We understand the great battles and Mobius loops you are going through. Understand that these are trying times on many levels and many planes.  All nature is coming to grips with itself and its core sediment. Just as in the mind grid of your planet, there are sentiment core energies manifested in the time and experience of all of you. This is a time to see and to view your nature of who and what you are at the core. Do understand that in your pain and suffering you are wrestling with yourself and matching pictures of your belief systems.

This is why when things in you have been communicated to the core and resolved the non-entity unit that you are breaks the connection to amplify the condition of your patterned mindset. Thus, many relationships and connections you have with your soul and your personality are being unconfined. What is felt at the core may be the pulling of roots you have, attaching the changes you need to make.  You term this as emotions of unrest and think this should not be felt, yet this is at your very core of power, your ‘solar plexus‘. By not letting go and seeing into this centre you will try to suppress this as weakness and deny the necessary changes that must be taken care of.

The longer the duration, you hide with your concepts with the mind to not make the connection to your emotions, the more resonate the nature of your unrest will weigh the experiences to cut your illusion. This is why you continue to have experiences that are your calling at the core for release and changes.  We say sit down with your mind and listen to the fears, the anger, unrest, and additions you have. Take notes of this and ask for the vision to find ways of change. The illusions you have come from you, the changes and correction to harmonious stasis must come from you.  Never forget you cannot escape your god presence, for that divine spark is linked to the whole Universe.


You cannot, therefore, destroy the source of all things that you are at the core as a god spark. You may hide from yourself and create more mass and illusion but it will always be with you. As you are the divine spark you can go to the infinite source for recalibration and insight.  Thus said, be it known you can unravel. You’re in harmony and address the “pile” and blast your confusion with the guidance of source, bringing a balance in the divine set of universal knowledge and harmony; or you can continue to create more suffering and roadblocks, pain, and suffering in your creation of the individual particle of god you are learning to be HUE.

Life is serious business to address. There must be balance, flow, insight, and knowing in life. You were given a body, a mind and the potential to be great in the amplification, you are your concept of experience. There are universal principles that must be respected, acknowledged and understood for which all things must pattern to be.  The body, therefore, if maintained will work better and be a greater machine to utilize in your sojourn while incarnate. Just as your machines require maintenance and alignments for optimum performance and safety so are your bodies and minds to be respected and maintained.

Creatures of the earth with divine spark you are beings of habit and you are responsible for your ticket here in this dimension you signed up for. Remember it now. You can ask us for clarity and help to make your changes, but what you do and don’t do is your volition. You see what you want to see, again learn this principle. You taste what you want to, you feed the fuel in your bodies by your selections. Thus, the effects are the measure of your choices.  You must evolve from the infant to the adult to the Master, then you will acquire the mastery of life and the answers. Study, be observant and careful of the company you choose to bond with.

Your very being is an effect, you can be the effect of the cause or the cause of the effect with insight and spiritual training.  Do understand we are here to guide you as instructors of your school in life. We want nothing more than to have you pass the grade. Understand there are levels of awareness and see the quality of people you amplify around you. Their nature is the magnification of your core. People that enjoy petty enjoyments, substance abuse and indulgences that are out of balance will accumulate to their resonance.

By changing your attraction and knowing to HUE you will attract the LIGHT of being to surround you.




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