Great brave beings incarnate upon the planet, I salute you for your bravery and challenge to play in the game of life upon this dimension you have chosen to excel in. It is quite a quagmire of events and challenges you bestowed upon yourselves and the cards are stacked against you. In the undertaking of life, much of your real self is forgotten in a dream, and that dream varies in every society and social mindsets you have embodied in. I am here to teach you how to remember who and what you are before you took a great fragment of your soul to dwell in your bio-transducer biological human machines.

The human body, as well as others species of animals, are liquid crystal receptors and receivers that are a complex unit of DNA imprinted circuits that are by design encoded with functions of personality and nature specific to its phylum and subphylum of animal life. The more complex the neural nets and brains the more specific the minds of each unit becomes identified as a sentient being, based upon that specific identification. Programs are written like a flash drive in the biological DNA and passed along with each processor mirrored with a history of the past, and imprinted with its expression encoding that change and experience to the next lifeform with knowledge and memory.

It is by this mechanism lifeforms know how to function with this operating system. You term this nature. It is known that in the very lifeform’s bloodlines, certain personality traits and characteristics of nature are inherited. In everything is the primal force of the SOURCE that gives life to each and receptor of neurons and synaptic reflexes. The greater the amount of neuron triggers the more capacity the units can hold the elements of consciousness that each brain can access. Consciousness varies from animal to animal in the mental capabilities of subjective perception and free design and will.

The humans on your world tend to make distinctions that animals are not sentient, do not have emotions, nor depths of awareness equal to “man.” It is this perception that separates man from the connection with other entities in nature. It is time to understand this and begin to reconnect on these primal levels that you have been conditioned to forget with corrupted mental disconnections to the Universe and your experiences in your miswritten programs of learning. These corrupted programs of the mind are what are shutting many humans down with the ability to communicate with the other lifeforms and be one with nature.


There appears to be a toxic deading and correction program you call “education” that is taught to many of you humans. This makes you the ‘govern’ mental’s programs of education, a network to their agendas which are systematically overriding your own connection and operating system to nature, so that you conform to functioning as a disconnected entity and cog in the wondrous term you call the MATRIX. As you are programmed by religions and social pressures to conform to the social masses you are pulled out of your inner connection, shamed and brainwashed, losing your innate sense of connection to nature and your instincts and personal realities.

This makes you estranged and lonely for acceptance and validation by conforming to marketing and placating others for a reflection of who and what you are by their thoughts of group acceptance.  This is further allowing the programs of mass media and corporations to herd you as collectives like sheep. They control the religions, history, money, your very survival, and how and what to think to be normal. Your brains have the pineal gland which is your inner compass to remember your soul and connection to the UNIVERSE. It is the magic tool that unifies the human to beings of awareness and connection to nature and the cosmos.

Why do you think they fluoridate this to calcify and destroy its higher dynamic “random assess memory”?  The answer is to link you to a collective agenda and network so that your brains can be accessed as elements of the Matrix and continue the dreams of the Overlords that run your planet. So to break free from this you must make it your objective to focus and know nature and animals again and do whatever it takes to begin the process of decalcification of this crystal eye that is the gift of the Gods.  Then you will know outside of the Matrix and empower yourself with real visions and knowledge.

Your spirits are trapped in the Matrix. You are broken down, your inner knowledge is separated from nature, and you seek help from the very religions and gods that are all parts of systematic brainwashing that invalidates, punishes, and trains you to believe and conform to an iconic form that will save you. Your lives being sinful and worthless is further part of the agendas. To begin knowing yourself, you must first cleanse your body and unplug from everyone’s reality and find your own. You must LOVE and know who you are and access your connection to nature and be one with all animals and nature and reclaim your higher brain functions.


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