In 20 years from now, we will be in the Aquarian age.  These are the planetary bodies, our solar system moving in the Galaxy experiencing new dimensions and vistas of constellations each affecting our mental, physical and earthly realities.  Yes, we are in a new age.  We are coming to it and this is the change that is coming to be.  Anyone that has studied astrology or astronomy would know this.  We are all energy and starseed.  Everything is linked together by particles and photons and the soul is of supreme energy.  So in this dance, there are different cycles like nature when there’s fall, winter, spring.  Rejuvenation, it works affected by the planets in the amount of sunlight and something triggers the DNA.

One must get beyond the sciences and religion and find the ancient non-partisan controlled knowledge.  When beings came in crafts or Chariots of LIGHT from other dimensions and brought teachings and set up societies they gave mankind great advancements.  These are archaeological things that have been hidden by the overlords of the world.  These were not made by humans of this era. Even with our great technologies and pride, we cannot move stones the size of the ones that were used to create the structures that are monolithic and ancient.  The current view of the world only has a history of maybe ten thousand years.  Forbidden archaeology is carted off, large skulls artefacts and tools which go back as much as 2 million to a billion years ago.

Scientists are not allowed to talk about it because it upsets The Matrix of the system by the overlords controlling this.  So it’s really hard to truly find what is knowledge and what is true, but that does not matter.  Because when you link to the planet and animals and your inner self then you have insights in you guided by your own soul that has been around for many Millennia and many lifetimes experiencing it personally. When you get to a point where you stop believing and you start feeling and knowing then you have quickened yourself into a reality that becomes your own, and it’s not easily shifted by the masses and their unconscious controlling of you by the propaganda they ‘believe in’.


This is the message I am trying to bring.  Your minds are being corrupted with thoughts that do not make sense and you are being knocked down to units as slavery.  You’re now being brought out of your minds and bodies with control with high technology that is beyond your imagination and many of you don’t even have a clue of the agenda that’s coming down.  The more you try to break away from the Matrix and you find points of interest where you’re inspired and you start to make the connections right around the corner, there will be somebody of the framework in the Matrix that will see something in you that threatens their being asleep and their belief system and you’ll get a reaction.

You will know the sleepers because they won’t have an open mind to at least understand what it is you’re saying from your position, whether it’s right or wrong.  They immediately become reactive because you are challenging their props, hopes, and beliefs which you’re not doing intentionally.  Look deeper, for they cannot because they hold all of themselves by somebody else and live in a total state of fear and servitude to Lords and belief systems.  Even upon those that say they ‘know’, their pride is in their vanity and gets in the way.  They don’t share knowledge and just want followers who are weak.  And so, if that is your goal and you want followers to manipulate so they make you feel strong, then you are delusional.

All good teachers can step away, detach and laugh at themselves and everything for they don’t need to hold on to it because there are no props.  They see and they ‘know’ and they live their life for themselves.  A few selected family members or members of your clan that were in a mental fog and reality are advancing and on the path of knowledge.  Planetary processions of the solar system through the Galaxy has 12 houses with each era.  There are new things to learn and societies will go through many different effects and experiences all influenced by the gravitational field and LIGHT quanta hitting the Earth and activating biological and DNA for print.

If you overlay historical events and match them up with the astrological events of the planets and their positioning you will see they correlate, and this is scientifically proven with overlays of the constellations over the historical events that have happened.



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