Dear Masters in the making, always remember that you need to learn and practice. Just as you need to allow to speak a language so must you allow other people their growth and space.  It is better to learn the way of non-competitiveness with struggling souls, it is only draining.  Understand where their hurts and pains are coming from which has to do with their childhood, let alone their incarnation and karma that they were set up to live and experience as a remembrance of what they need to learn. Pains are not just the first incarnation and of your current life. Always allow yourself an open mind and to practice and understand, that’s when you gain enough wisdom and intelligence and you move up to another quanta of frequency.  And some of the things you thought you knew were only relevant to the frequency of where you were before.  Laws and realities change with your attenuation to the higher realities in the finer particles of the electromagnetic spectrum and experiences.

When you come from the higher frequencies you have mastered your emotions and learned LOVE, moreover, respect for every being. Then energies will fill your heart, hands, and mind and you can manifest things and heal people, not till then. When you have reached the higher level your intention brings things to you and you can literally materialize objects when you have come from the 8th and 9th dimension.  Allow yourself the room for mistakes because even in your mistakes you are learning.  The point is you’re not going to be perfect until you grind each facet of knowledge that fits your particular quanta.  Sometimes the grinding chips off your illusion and you feel pain, hurt, and reaction and discounted when you’re in the lower levels of basic 3 chakra areas of your experience.

The first three chakras are not wrong but this is how most people relate and this is the only level of relationship they have with others.  So because they can’t grow and work with their heart and the higher interdimensional reality they have to sell the energies of the first three chakras to market themselves and prop themselves up and they’re so insecure when anything threatens them.  This is part of the vision that you get when you understand people are basically good.  It is their own pain and ignorance, and oftentimes they react because you are lighting up their own areas of work.  You need to take people with a grain of salt and remember to find your reality and goals and have LOVE for yourself.  You are taught ignorance and are taught to take second best.  My teachings tell you to take the best for yourself, and why wouldn’t that be? To take the best for yourself!  Unless you’re taught that you do not deserve it.  But I don’t mean this in negligence to humility, that’s where LOVE fits in.


With every relationship, you should have the best that you can find because you deserve the best and everyone around you influences your resonant patterns.  If you’re in a relationship and a very high spiritual person and you’re with a negative illusionary person that’s depressed, angry and frustrated this will affect you. Period.  Understand that when people eat death and garbage food there is pain and fear in that animal and suffering. It may taste good to them but it’s really the bacteria in the body calling forth because that’s what it wants to digest and flush.  That is the second mind of the bacteria in a person’s body which is also a living force. There’s so much more to chemistry you need to understand, from the vital foods you eat to your thoughts and your reactions to people.  If things are negative you need to look at yourself and see what it is, not to hurt yourself but to see what it is that that you’re unsettled with.  To feel what emotional pattern is coming up and what you need to change in your vibration.

Just remember the gate of your mouth.  What you put into your mouth affects what you eliminate from your mouth, body, and vibrations.  Don’t expect to have high conscious levels with meat eaters, that isn’t going to happen because if they were aware they would see these things and it would feel discomforting to them.  They don’t know why they have fears, anger, and problems because they’re not even aware that the food they eat has the vibrations in the memory and the DNA, and they are eating that pain into their bodies.  Once again, it’s all a level of awareness.  Be steadfast to your soul because sometimes the winds will blow an illusion but you can harness these winds to pull yourself stronger and tackle these energies.  Learn to set goals for yourself no different than you would navigate and understand the seas of life. They’re not always calm, this is where intuition and wisdom take place.

Just remember if you see love, LOVE will come back. If you seed anger and hostility, anger and hostility will come back to you.  You are gardeners and you get to be right about your position and reality.   Your subjective reality is the reality, learn to expand in LOVE and find the law of one and you will save yourself many times of suffering and illusion.



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