Amazing power is begotten within by determination and a will to change, create and dream anew. Today we wish to tell you about the power of your dreams. Dreams are the most primal hidden aspect you have to the collective of your group minds. You are what you have always dreamed about in the forming.  Knowing that creation happens with the awakened mind collective and the dream state will allow you even greater powers of creation and manifestation for yourself if you can but learn to form the self with intention and focus. Amazing power is begotten when from within, there is a determination and will to change.

The greater amount this is done with focused dreams and images using the mind and lucid forming in the dream state, the easier and more rapid things and situations will be made manifest. If you would learn the power of visualization you would be more creative with your potential to literally form objects and experiences to occur.  The ability to see can be enhanced by the power of your imagination allowing you to travel and see places you desire depending on your practice and skill. This potential of the ethers goes beyond time and space and is not time sensitive. In fact, you can travel and vision things dating back thousands of years.

It is a tragedy that you plug into the corporate and govern mental’s scripts as well as controlling religions.  They use your creative units collectively to manifest the seed they program you to as a collective brainwashing, hence creating their agenda. If you practice to visualize and to keynote a directive of your course in life using the dream state to visualize, you will be able to manifest many things that will occur in your life as you designed it.  This knowing of what you want will override your scattered life and incorporate a new agenda of the creative forces of the astral energies to manifest. In the power of dream travel, it is learned when awakened in the dream, that you can escape the matrix of the Earth collective and touch the realms to the internal dimensions, thereby discovering the answers to your questions.


Know the key to self-actualization is to learn to dream with focus using the astral energies to bring forth the moment with power. Learn the power of your intention. You are creators, you are incredible beings.  All you have to do is focus and reprogram yourselves daily. There is much work to undo the self-limiting programming the overlords have been doing for centuries.  Know that this is why you as species have not been evolving to your greater power and purpose. This art has been used and developed to such a skill on your world that it is termed remote viewing and jumping. It is now the time that we bring you lessons to ascend.

 Many of your greatest achievers have learned this process.  The better skilled you become to make objectives in your life and to focus on a design and plan for your life, the more dynamic and powerful will be your life of creative dreams. This choice is yours, you can allow your creative presence to stay plugged into fear and drama, the international dramas to dwell upon and serve, or you can make your world in your creation a haven of wonderful joyous experience. Might I add if you collect your dreams with others of like-minds your abilities will be even that more enhanced by the creation of your experiences?

I am putting this out to you to unplug from the media and the “world news” and to decide right now what world you envision as a creative collective you wish to experience.  This is to instruct you to realize the lies that have been staged by the knowers of this hidden science running your little dream dynamos to their ends, while the few are in unfathomable riches and elite agendas have you by your minds and souls. You have the power to be something dynamic, it is only your imagination that is your limit. Know this, that all that is imagined already exists somewhere for the universe has been around for a very long time.

If you want to know the power of magic in your life focus on your dreams. Dreams are seeds and need to be watered and attended, to make them manifest and real.


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