Your sense of time is changing because of the frequencies. There is a time of great spell upon the planet. The Earth is going through another quanta flux change and you will see that your senses of communications with animals will become more astute. A higher sense of oneness with all that is, it all makes sense when you are in the sensing. People are becoming ‘rash’ and those of the DNA reaction activation are becoming rash in their skin and body as new DNA cells are coming online replacing the old with new strings of LIGHT fibre. Beings of the starseed and of the soul connection inhabit are gaining more awareness as these finer energy packets from deep within the Earth are quickening. More active volcanos and earthquakes will occur as the frequencies of the Earth mass will be awakening. The Earth Gaia is moving into a Quanta flux as well as a change of state to the 4th dimension.

What this means is those of the interdimensional connection will be moving in sync along with this planet. This is not a time to worry or fear for if you have been experiencing the significant Quanta flux upgrades since June of 2010, you have already begun the patterning sequencing. In your life you have already chosen to change your eating habits, situations with people and relationships have left, and connections with people that are not in the transition are stressing, but most have already left your social realms. You have even shifted your need for possession and have become more streamlined. Your sense of who and what you are is more connected. You have even started to talk to yourself as if you are no longer in need of the world connection for the company of friends. You are more selective about who you are hanging with.

The reason is your real being is coming forth and you are aligning with your true self and values, but deep-rooted suppressed feelings are erupting. These have to do with your identity suppression and that unloved child that you are and were must now be reintegrated into HUE. You see, your fear is the fractured self that was different from the others and more connected with nature and animals and very much alive and one with the higher dimensional planes. This part felt more and was injured and rejected that made deep hurts and scares. For this was the cosmic LIGHT child that came in with eyes open and knowing. Unfortunately, the world was based on fear and possessions that estranged you, and you did not get the expected LOVE from the family that was crucial and your drives became off kilter.

As you were the being that knew a total mirror of reflection to Soul and source trusting and loving, you could not understand that the very people that were your parents and “friends” were not down to Earth and real to their feelings. These rejections of emotions and presence were also lit with the fires of the sexual crucibles, for you flowed your flames and your heart. This dynamo of energy becomes your curse, and you were hurt and deceived by rejection and judgment as being the gullible and easy victim for the troubled and dominate of base energy people that had already lost their magic all so young. This was internalised, and you became glazed and armoured and learned to hide your real self. So these became deeply hidden pains within. You have kept your real being and heart many of you, and now you are facing the retrieval of your soul.


This has been your dark night. It was this that created phobias and fears. This has been your lesson and modus operandi in the last 5 years to heal, and just in the previous year, you have had great success in opening up and integrating your fears of this traumatic sector of your life. So significant changes are in the final release for you. It is with great joy and feeling that the tremendous loving energies of the Prime Source are encapsulating you and it is now that you can resolve the fragments of yourself that feels so much. In essence, you are becoming the father and the mother of this very crucial element that feels and senses. This is the work that each and every one of you must do to regain your powers of perception. So now you must turn to the animals of nature and those that are connected to the environment and have excellent wisdom and LIGHT within.

You will begin to notice that the animal’s spirit creatures are making their view with you wherever you go. Even domestic dogs and cats will see what you see and will love to be in your awakened state. Things are beginning to fall into place because of the changes you have made, and the mind of the world is losing its hold on you to limit you. Welcome back, it is each and every one of you that are waking to the real world as she sheds the male unbalanced aggressive nature. It is time to heal and realise the real lies. Know this dear souls, when you have changed your diets and you are clinging to become LIGHT and drink of these fulfilling energies you will no longer have the appetites that you once did that was the status quo. You see, you are refining and awakening. It is now time to look at the stars and to drink of the elixir of this cosmic LIGHT to activate your light bodies.

Know this, that you are in a rapid state of repair and upgrades, work on yourselves. Withdraw to metamorphic changes and completion as you will be guided by the ambassadors on the more exceptional levels of frequency. There will be council and healing spirit beings reaching out to you. As time goes on you will recognise them and know them by name. Yes, we are very real, it is the mindset on your planet that has lost touch. We are your family, and you must remember who and what you are. How can we tell you this? It is essential for you to be grounded as a lightning rod and to invest in yourself and your vision. Forget changing the world, you need to change your state of awareness. Until the time is ready, you will know. The evolution begins with your growth and healing first. Pay attention now so that attention does not make you pay the debt of ignorance.

You must now focus on the real inner net of LIGHT and use discernment. For there will be many land “mines” (minds) that will come to you to keep you back. For high gravity of changes and polarities are coming to your mindset and habitat. The dead are dead, so let them bury themselves. Follow the paths of LOVE and keep up your shields of love and good nature and sharpen your sword of knowledge. The turbulence will be all over so work with yourself first. Unplug from fear and hold your cause. WE will provide the knowing. Leave the planet of the old behind because you are entering a new one. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER. Not the ones of your leaders, they are not us and have not respected life and the Earth. They will have their Earth of old and follow its destruction. You are now shifting into the new LIGHT bodies.



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