Learn the flow of energy. Energy works on many different frequency levels on the subtle to the material forms of the three-dimensional reality you dwell in. Once again, know the power of your emotions and feelings for they are the generators of great forces of energy. Learn of this power and don’t use it to manipulate falsely or its effect will become disingenuous. You can do more communication with people by ‘feeling’ than you can with words, for in reality, your emotions are your marker of your state of being. Everyone picks up on it though many do not know why they react to you the way they do, but certainly animals. They have clear distinctions of the chemistry that you put out on the emotional and energetic wavelengths.

You must come to master your feelings with your thoughts behind them as you’re continually creating your reality with the mixture of both. As it comes through your mind and emotions and consciousness you are discharging these energies to create your reality and a duplicate receipt is incorporated in your Akashic records. So what you need to do is make changes in yourself and you will experience these at the point of time that is nonlinear to when they were created. This can be very overwhelming here in the process of hyper state change. This is why people are becoming aggressive and very conscious and emotional and a mixture of both. That is, you reach higher speeds and every reaction that you do will happen more immediate with your acceleration.


You must be more mindful of your thoughts, thinking, and course. Although many are parked and disillusioned and not really going anywhere, they are like they are dumbed down. Just be aware there are many forces acting upon your world; cheap diet, nutrition, water, social programming and mass false news. The overlords at run your world know exactly the powers of mass media and mass hysteria and you will become part of that unitized energy force if you are not aware of your energy in your reactions to the Matrix. This is why I keep telling you that you need to be in touch with your soul and your inner LIGHT source, and of course your guides, and ultimately your oversoul that has been with you for many lifetimes.

You are just a part of another experience but you are integrated, at least you should be. The universe does not work on judgment, hopes, and whims. It works on the principles of vibration, emotion, and creation. You resonate with these frequencies and they draw things into you. This works by the laws of attraction and magnetic flux fields. Just remember nothing is set in stone. You can always adjust the volume and your frequency and move from one state of balance to another clearly by your mental imbalances caused by another conflict in entities around you, and again it is all of your reaction. Just remember people have many dramas and if you want to dance on their stage as an actor by reacting that is your prerogative.


To be free from the Matrix and disillusion takes a bit of inside knowledge of these principles. Just remember, whatever programs of fear, rejection, and pain you have they’re still stored within you till you process them.  And others will LIGHT up the same magnification and react to you accordingly to the subtle principles in your Akashic bodies.


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