You that are in the state of change be aware, that not only will your LIGHT shine through so will your unresolved issues.  As you are accessing the fibres and photon grid, you will experience that what you focus on and emotions will be greatly magnified.  This will churn up anger, resentment and fear. Understand you must see both as your potential but because of your training over the last 4 years, you will know the cause and effect of this wondrous creative energy.  You have to manifest and will have gained the wisdom to let it flow.  Take a moment to play this out and check the data from where it is coming from and release it in your own vent room and not out to the world.

So understand dear souls you must clean your anger and judgments so that you do not manifest any more passion into the world and yet take this time to see what is still needing precipitation within yourself.  Things in your world will get very reactive during late January with the full moon.  This will trigger quakes and eruptions upon the planet as streams of solar energy will be hitting the earth and strange things with the oceans to follow, the tides and waves will be extreme.  Political events will be happening and are staged to occur at this time, this is the first of many.  The Earth axis is going to change a few degrees in its tilt.  Your sense of time will feel different in the Matrix as well.


This is not a thing to fear, but a process, as there are going to be portholes opening up and the Earth will be receiving much energy.  These events are being controlled by crafts that are coming in and out of the Sun that are the maintainers of SUNS throughout the galaxies.  You will see more sightings of technologies and the Chariots of the Gods. Do not worry, they are regulating the forces and the wormholes upon the planet.  All of the planets are going to respond to these energies, especially Saturn.  Large energy rays will be coming out of the North Pole of Saturn and the hexagram poles with transmitting energy to Earth.

There will be beings released from their jail to return to Earth, and this will influence politics and events.  Events are to happen amongst the gods.  Wars and battles that are not of this world, but issues of real estate and dominion and the human project of this matrix.  All that you are in your world is like a petri dish of bacteria to the nature of these Ancients of Days.  This has been brewing and is not the first time these beings have drawn the line in this domain.  Just watch, for this does not concern you.  However, some of the ETs have been working with your governments to create very destructive weapons to battle against the arrivers of the past.

RA is returning and he is not welcomed by the overlords that have been ruling your planet.  These are the ones that built your pyramids and Sphinx.  They also have built many hidden pyramids that they will fire up the grid to activate the ancient powers once again that are all over the lay lines.  Hang onto your seats dear ones, many changes are to occur very soon.


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