When you are in the flow of your being you move and participate in the necessary actions with ease and motivation.  Why? Because you are not fighting the self and the mind’s imprinted programs.  When the being is in health, the volition of the being says raise your arm and it happens without effort. So too is it to be when you want to accomplish something with your objectives, it should be that easy with a sound mind and body.

So let’s look at when we’ve had an injury. It is not so easy to move your arm and there is pain and discomfort to the level of the injury.  So as time goes on the body will heal but oftentimes the movement from what has been set in the mind’s mechanisms still remembers the trauma.  When there is a direct intervention to reprogram this into the brain through movement, the brain will rewrite itself and the range of motion is increased and each day there is a recovery.

Such is the recipe for the mind of limited self-feelings, pain, and trauma, there is lack of movement of free will and everything is a pain.  This is in varying degrees for many of you, such that making decisions is hard as well as finding the energy to make changes. No different than moving the arm when there has been trauma; we must rewrite painful situations in our lives and reset our self-limiting boundaries.  If your life does not flow effortlessly then you must find the injury and let these programs go.


For many, this will be termed as confidence building. The problem will become more exasperated the more we become dependent on others and lose our inner connection to our own wisdom.  For many are in codependent stifled relationships that stagnate the soul and continue to become ill in their self-dynamo. If this feels like you, it may be time to reset your thinking and make the necessary changes to move your boundaries to new goals you are going to set for yourself.

Think of it as a flywheel, your will, and your inertia.  You must give it a spin and all that you do to your soul, body and mind will get the mechanism of your being into the power to do and manifest.  When you are stuck the first push is always the hardest and takes the most effort. As you begin to charge your inner dynamo your life will become more empowered and easier to make the things you wish to happen easier.

So be inspired by your soul to lubricate your ambitions and begin this process. This is your life, your choice and your level of power.


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