Breathe, because there’s more energy coming and as you open up and balance one level, another layer will come up.  Deeper and deeper goes the drill, deeper into your psyche and emotional bodies for your information of your mothers and your fathers and into the ancestral levels, all for you to see, feel, and experience.  This is what your life was contracted to do.  There is no escape from yourself.  So you best find peace within yourself and resolution. Remember, the Universe works on vibration, emotions, and connections of thoughts and forms. You attract similar, so don’t expect to be taken duty-free onto a ship or have a saviour come and take you to a world far beyond your capability, for the Universe does not work that way.  Think of it as quality control in an assembly line of the manufacturing of you.  Or like threads on a bolt, some move quickly as coarse threads and some move slowly like the fine thread.  Every bolt has a different tensile strength in grade, such as the nature of many of you humans.

When you change your vibration to peace and access your pineal gland then time will have a different measurement and quanta and the doorway to the cosmos and heavens will open up to you.  Change begins with a vision.  Vision gives you a sense of feeling and drawing to make the transition. Your very world and your social constraint are based on others and a collective vision.  So if you have a porthole open to your inner eye your visions will not be the same as the people on the Earth, at least for the majority. Remember to share your visions with those that are ready because those that are stuck in illusion can see nothing else in their reality.  There are rooms much lower than the ones you are in now, where very violent souls must go for a while to learn even harder lessons until their ignorance is broken and the rays of harmony begin to polish them, and then their frequency and vibration changes.

Your world is an intermediary between very high levels and lower levels of entities that have come from places and societies both high and low in terms of evolution and harmonious understanding of the Universe in the law of one.  Every planet goes through transitions, even with the species on it.  Earth is going through a transition, that is, vibrations are changing.  This is going to change for a new dispensation.  This change will include many of the animals and plant life and the minerals.  The negative mind-held abusive beings will not make this transition, it will not make the higher frequencies.  For they have flunked this opportunity and their souls will find other realms of similar natures and they will learn their lessons, they can take all the time they care to in the Universe.  If you want to advance and move on to higher realms learn the principle of frequency, LOVE, clarity and more importantly the power of DMT through the pineal gland.

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Just remember, higher beings do not like the smell of death and rotting flesh in your body and that’s exactly how strong the smell is. Work on your diet if you really want to move on to higher frequencies. You are ignorant while you do not care about your diet and you can just flip on the television or Google your play and hang out, and you have all the time in the world. If this information does not fit your level of understanding or bandwidth then that’s okay.  Whatever you hold in your perception and consciousness as possibilities, that is your advancement or your limitation.  For you are creators and get to be right and when it comes the time to leave your body as yourself, your oversoul is the eyes that see behind your actions and record everything that you do and all the lessons. You are just an integral facet of this greater self while incarnated for it to learn.  There’s no right and wrong, there is just vibrational creativity that collects dissimilar, all is for experience.

Some beings thrive on violence, oppression, greed and that is their nature. Some people pride in the vanity of their bodies and the superficial realities, that is their nature.  Some people are spiritual materialist that pride in what they think they can hold onto for knowledge and for views from other followers and clan, and that is their baggage.  Some are on the path for growth and understanding of the human species and themselves and they share their inner realizations and upgrade those around them. Some are pirates and manipulators, warmongers and thieves.  They are your teachers, all of them.  Some wear ropes and titles and think themselves above humans, that they deserve their following and people are their sheep in this matrix world. There are all of this and more.  But to the growing striving soul the hurts and the pains with rejections build character when you overcome and get disappointed enough to fight for your own space of sovereignty.

This is your temperament, understand when things hurt they change your ‘Hertz’ or frequency but if you can release this and gain the knowledge you need to learn by your vulnerability you will become more attuned to stating your mind before you allow this to happen again, and this is wisdom.  The truth is life is kind to you when you have wisdom and you invest your time and knowledge, for knowledge is power and is the core of his or her frequency.  If you care to be ignorant of the laws of nature in your domain you won’t be paid in full to the degree of error you live your life.  Every room has a frequency and a set of rules that are inherent.  Cry-babies and complainers are manipulators, be careful of them for they serve no function and they are draining.  Do not lose your sovereignty over these beings, they are a destructive force upon your world and collectively disillusioned, that creates power to them. It is all part of the experience, to see the effects of disruption of war of greed and oppression.

Life is not always a clear sunny day and things do not always work the way you hope them to, but they do work the way you plan them to.  The more knowledge you have, the more you can bet against the odds of success. Remember you are responsible for yourself and your family.


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