And what may I ask, when will I become conscious and enlightened? Yet, until you listen to the voice within you that is your conscious, you will not know it. It must be transmitted from a whisper to the very form that you are. Listen to your instincts and guidance, that is your soul talking to you. So, don’t be so anxious and go and run to listen to somebody else speak wondrous things that have no meaning for your own personal life.  If you do not heed to your inner teachings and the things you know that are part of the agenda and that you must take care of in your personal life, how can you as a separate entity become conscious?

You see, the voice within you knows a balance, reason, and order and even what you need to do to control your behaviour to be in balance with the situation. Why would you need somebody else to do that when the voice of PRIME SOURCE is speaking directly within yourself?  So you see, this is the work that needs to be done by everyone as you need to be best friends with yourself and you need to listen. As you progress you become more and more refined and reach higher levels of awareness. That is what consciousness is! When you’re out of balance you tie yourself up into connections with people that are turbulent and situations that are trying at best.

Keep in mind, religions won’t help you because if you don’t make the changes that correct your behaviour and who you are, forgiveness and monotone prayers to some infinite created God do not serve you.


Because that voice within you is directly linked with source, and that’s what I’m talking about, to bring yourself back to the centre of your own inner Universe. Turn yourself in and you will find the enlightenment that you need.

Too many people are trying to program you that you need to depend on others, you need to depend on religious heads, you need to repent and depend on Angels, and you need to depend on saviours. This is all illusionary. Do not forget you’re here to grow and this is a detention world, a penal colony for many of you. But there is great guidance and opportunity for you to clean up your act and to lessen your time here so that you can move on to your higher advancement and correct your behaviour.  When you hurt someone and you discount somebody (including yourself), the product is pain and suffering.

If you become addicted to substances and let your life flow down to the lowest astral planes the energies that you will pick up and the suffering that you will go through will reward you for your ignorance. So how can it be any different? Dear souls, just listen. It’s easier than you think and you have an abundance of guidance and helpers around you.  All you have to do is make the decision to rectify your energies and come into balance. This happens when you focus on the LIGHT in your enlightenment instead of your negativity and what you ‘have to’ or ‘should have’ done, as it’s meaningless. Quantum vibration is really what makes you experience and become a Master in the making.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA

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