At the core is the nature of you emanating the things you are experiencing trapped inside of feelings caged by dreams, intentions, and hope. What are you? I say this because one must actually take inventory of one’s nature.  Have you gotten your inner check-up lately? Have you communicated with your gut and made list of what makes you feel weak, discouraged, angry, hurt, happy, effective, ineffective, loved, hurt, betrayed, disgusted, ashamed, honoured, stuck and empowered?

Yes, these are at the core and should be listed.  Once you familiarise yourself with the nature of your contents, then, and only then can you effectively make changes, corrections and gather the insight towards becoming an activator and a self-coherent being.  So, let’s begin the inventory for you. Here might be some examples: What makes me feel weak? What is it that I am in fear of? Why am I so disorganised? Why is my relationship not magic, like it used to be?   


I am feeling weak because I am in a financial crunch, in debt, and there looks like there is no way out. I feel stuck because any money I make will not go to getting ahead, but only continue the sinking. I feel all that I have worked for has been only to sink into monumental tidal waves of fears, brought by bill collectors and creditors.

So, it is things like this you need to get in touch with and list them out, then you can work on the equation of what specifically you need to do to take these challenges head on and make a plan of resolve.  Just remember, things that are in your life many a time you have created, and it must now pass through your conscious actions and strategy to get this off your mind and out of your life.

Start with one item at a time making the effort of changes and stop feeding that which disturbs you.  In this effort, you will see major changes. Face your fears and unfinished business one step at a time, forward.


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