Vibratory rates of density change.  As we transmute we change others and with our realisation we create an engram to the Collective Consciousness on this planet.  That’s why our job is not easy because we have to win without our hidden powers.  It is all the same playing field in The Matrix.  This encodes upon you the cause and effect relationships between your action, your thoughts, and your creation as a human and this can be far different than starseed, so the two must be integrated.  This not only educates the beings of the higher dimensions with first-hand education, it also gives you temperament and strength to understand humans and their demise.

For each and every one of you is being activated to a degree of resonance by the energy coming to the planet which is stirring up your true nature, and the history of your lifetimes are all coming to a single point. You are beginning to access this as your real nature.  Dear Souls, you are what you are and you cannot change that.  All the latent history of the cause of your being is making great strides to test you to overcome and achieve completion of your suffering and illusion.

In your DNA you will be tested for the amount of advancement you will be allowed to have in gaining the of the power of Kundalini activation and your connection to the Universe. There are safeguards mind you, if you do not have the wisdom and your chakras are filled with negativity this process of your ascension will be curtailed. Go within because we are instructing many of you through dreams.  These dreams are archetypal forms that relate to your soul and give you images and opportunities to work, not only in your physical life but also in the accelerated matter in the astral planes.


It’s time to come clean at your core and learn LOVE and acceptance of other states of being, and certainly how to detach yourself from their illusion of negativity that does not fit your inner guiding compass.  As I have spoken before, learn when to walk away with wisdom and your soul’s worth by integrity, for knowledge is your innate and inherent value as a being.  This is part of the change of state we have been talking to you about, a new door will open up.

Like the boiling off and precipitation of higher volatiles, some are crude oil, and some are highly volatile explosive elements.  Think of knowledge and state of being as ‘high octane’.  This is the power that you have when you’re released from the lower earthly states of being.  So let the crude oil address the squeaky wheels in the material Matrix and let the final volatile become the LIGHT once ignited.  Just remember, the third dimension will keep you there and the higher dimensions will offer you a chance in this 26,000-year experiment upon your planet.

Some of you will be taken in your ascension to the higher beings of your Pleiadian and Lemurian ancestors.  The Earth is going to make the transition, it is quite evident.  Many will lose their physical form but will have their LIGHT bodies already activated.  This is the completion of this cycle.



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