Never forget the power of fear, for fear roots deeply and controls you through your feeling of separation and scarcity and this is how you humans are manipulated.  By connecting with your core and your inner processes that have been neglected you can do great work in understanding and befriending your being.  Dear souls, this is about integration. Learn to find peace and tranquillity within first, for this is freedom.

When you assume that you can get your needs met by others, it takes away your power to make things happen by your will and state of being.  No one knows you like you know yourself and people upon your world are in their own shuffle, yet you will find stasis when you begin to settle down into calmness so that you do not stir up the deep-rooted sediment within.  Then clarity will let you find moments of peace and others of similar presence will connect to you.

This process of attraction also goes for the lower negative pains and sorrows of uncompleted business and affairs. They are always looking to be heard to be resolved.  This you must attend to and process.  For it does not go away until that hurt and fragmented self unites within yourself and is heard for its suffering.  In this process, you must ‘listen’ for they are all voices of your SELF expression.  Listen and embrace your lost portions and ask this one intense charge how it felt.


What were the lessons and how can they be resolved and be loved by you?  Have you any idea how many people upon your planet live their lives in the past and not in the present?This is because fragments of themselves are running the moment, for the dire need to be heard.  Making transformation of the self begins by being still and making the encounter of this self and ‘selves’.  This is termed soul retrieval.

When you get these fragments in union of yourself and listen to them you can integrate great power of emotions that can be translated into the workings of wisdom and LOVE.  This is what you need to complete in order to feel and thus be the great powerhouse of creation.  Make this your homework so that you do not spend your lives compensating this deep root aspect of your soul that has been rejected or abused.  Just remember, it is your responses to situations that unites you to the world.





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