Time, as you know it in your world, has a duration and is like a bank account. After all, ‘time is money’ as you say in your world. It is spent how you have invested it and this will measure your success. If you get the concept that life is valuable and so are you, you will invest it in good measure.

The time you share with others is your responsibility to see how it serves your goals and comforts your need for companionship. Just remember, there are only so many seconds you can have in life, so make the most out of your first measure. Time management should be reserved to accomplish your tasks with an agenda and a response that is focused and deliberate.

The successful know this and do not spend their time in idleness, and yet many have more free time because they have caught interest by learning skills and obtaining knowledge and professional skills. If you want to be successful this is a major commandment. Organisation and attention to details that save time are inherent to the successful person.

Learn to command your time with focus, information, and a balanced energy flow which includes your time to regenerate. Planning a recreational time with focused play and nature is the best way to stay in balance.

Learn to set your pace and your time with clients. Take command, and moreover, keep them informed. In doing this you will have repeated business and a propagational clientele. Be organised and dress well, for the appearances of your truck, office, and workplace yields the perception of your state of mind.

Remember that people see you as you see yourself and integrity is priceless. Lose this and you have nothing to offer but deceit and guilt that lack genuineness in your character.

Skill yourself and polish yourself, and you will be a diamond.


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