In reality we compete not with others, but ourselves. You see yourself in others and those that you select to be with, they are all your mirrors. What you need to critique in others is more often your own issues in life reflecting back to you or you would not stay to react, for reacting is acting out your dramas again. As oil and water do not mix so does an enlightened soul, for it is by specific gravity it repels the other. Such is it to the beings of LIGHT.

When you are in states of greed based on insecurity everyone is a potential threat to what you need to hold on to. When you are stuck in the lower chakras there are more cords tied to those in our company for these energies need to root and bond in the physical. As you raise frequency you become less attached to people and things for you are now in the presence of yourself in knowing.

Here is the distinction of the enlightened and the enslaved struggling souls. These are base programs that need attention and hunger for satisfaction. As long as you remain 3 chakras-based you cannot balance yourself for inner completion without the need of others.


In time, all souls learn their lessons and return to sanity and evolution. Those with vision and LOVE complete their cycles quicker.

The thing is, let people be what they are and choose to be with those of like-mind and consciousness. By judging others, you only fuel their anger. It is best to remove yourself from their shortcomings for your path is your path. And whatever fruit you decide to pick and eat your body will respond to the food and experience. Learn to share with those special to you but do not look to them to complete you, that is your task and only yours.

Likened to teaching others, you can show them the way but they must walk on their two feet and experience life at their level. And so it is, this is the way and it will not change. If you want to change the world start with yourself and what you contribute to in your deeds and actions. Don’t ask the mother to get your ‘CarMa’, you must drive it yourself. For that is your Karma.


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