There is a distant brother that visits your planet and solar system that sneaks into the night and is not seen until he arrives. He travels in the night and shines dimly.  Yet his effects are noticed by the planets, for he tugs the star and the orbits of all your planets. This one causes earthquakes and volcanoes and affects the complete stasis of your realm. Your “holy” books call him Wormwood. They term this the “Acropolis.” In the secret book of the Bible, they call it the final chapter Revelations. This term means the lifting of the mystery or the revealing of the secrets.

This one has caused perturbances to your celestial realms and is very real. You will see strange colours upon your sunsets of purple, and some may even begin to see it set and rise in your skies. This is bringing additional energies to the solar system and will cause havoc upon your world, but it is so. This is part of the changing of the guard. This one will cause the weather to change and will create disturbances of solar flares and will even cause the planet to reset itself to a different quantum of time and space. “There is nothing new under the sun” till this one returns.

Significant changes are to occur. A phenomenon of the oceans will happen. Sea levels will rise and high waves will come to your planet. Fear not for this is what is, and you cannot change it. The Blue Kachina has marked the way for the Red Kachina to come. The connected Hopi teachers to the Earth in America acknowledge this as the great cleansing that will imprint a reset upon your planet. This will cause the world to pass in three days of darkness as the spin of the great Earth is in the opposite rotation. This is meant to be and will free many from the ways of old.


New energies will upgrade your very bodies, and many of you have already been activated for this time and feel the energies. The tables will be turned as the churches will call this end times and that this is the punishment and wrath of “GOD.” But this will be the end of their realm and control of your minds and imprisonment of your souls to their servitude. This is the real Revelation. The Earth knows of the power of this one and is in preparation and action, as well as many of you. But you must now observe for they control your information, your banking, your militaries, and your minds for now, but not for long.

This planet and sun Niburu will show itself in the next few months. This is nothing to be worried about, it is a great time of reset. Even if you many of you make the transition out of the body your souls will be freed. Take time to cleanse and relax, as the controllers of your world will meet the visitors this one brings. There will be great battles between the entities upon your earth and the nearby planets that are warring tribes of great beings beyond your grasp. You will see the vessels and the chariots of these ones in your heavens. Why do you think they have made their encampments deep in the earth and spray your skies to shield you?

They know and have this hidden in their elect doctrines they fell privileged to. It is time to raise an eyebrow or two. But for the real vision, it is time to activate your 3rd eye and awaken the pineal gland, this is what is meant to unit your souls to your body forms. Why do you think they have destroyed your visions with your teeth with fluoride? It is to keep you blind and disconnected. The higher melodies of your instrument need to be opened. Make this a time to learn how to activate your inner gem. For those already opened, you will already know how to sun gaze and work with the cosmic energies and your second LIGHT body is becoming active, and your real powers are returning.

This is a great time of freedom, fear not.



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