Remember the law of attraction.  Things are attracted in your life through your vibration and frequency you are signalling to the Universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. So be aware during these times of great energy coming to the planet, for all is lighting up within you. It is a time of great cleansing and many of you will attract people, circumstances, and events resulting from your own deep-rooted unresolved issues. Some beings and people feed off these energies, so be very mindful and know of ENERGY vampires.

Often people with matching conditions latent will magnify emotions in you by projection and they will feed off your energy that is fitting to their reality in a form of potential agreement. Everyone is influenced by the emotional power to some degree. For example, when you create a positive emotion in someone it uplifts your experience and amplifies you. This is the positive energy you want to create, as your soul enjoys happiness and joy is infectious to yourself and others around you.

The opposite polarity of negativity and projection creates pain and lower vibrations of the dark passions, this too is contagious. There are those who are the broken and lost souls who enjoy creating these harsh feelings to experience them for themselves and others.  They have a need to exceed their boundaries to process these extreme emotions, and if you’re not careful, they’d gladly take you to that place with them. Through their reflection with you, they feel energised by your vibration and reaction. They desire to ‘see’ themselves through the emotions they are creating in another person.


These are attention seekers who brave the limits of decency and indecency, stepping outside their comfort zone which they feel liberates themselves psychologically as they revolt against society. Many have a deep-rooted psychological sexual dysfunction. These are the souls you need to be wary of. They usually exhibit extraordinary charm and are great actors so be very careful not to be bewitched by their words and actions. For they are very skilled at creating unsettling feelings in you and this gives them their vitality.

They seek to take advantage of your sensitivity so they can manipulate you. Know of the emotional dangers these people may bring you. And although you possess your own pieces of unresolved inner pain and issues seen as darkness that you try to balance, if you are connected to your LIGHT body you will find that these beings will not reach your frequency and you repel these lower astral energies. So use your inner guidance system always.  Ground yourself and stay connected to the LIGHT inside your hearts.

Keep your spirits open, but protect them also.

Quential/Anna NaRaca RA

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