You don’t need someone to complete you but when you find someone who accepts you COMPLETELY this LOVE gives you strength, courage and ignites the soul with your hearts ablaze illuminating your whole world. And for those who may weep for a LOVE so deep, your tears are born in your eyes that are the window to your aching soul, they live their dampened path on your cheeks with pain and then die on your lips with the kiss of sorrow. Just KNOW that a love you thought was never real does exist and is within you for all eternity. Play with your inner divinity and connect and explore ALL of that you are. You are a precious child of the Universe who is deeply loved and nothing can ever break your bonds of LOVE.

You are made of LOVE and this love is the core of all creation not only for yourself, but for the whole world. The love you carry inside your hearts has been with you since your own creation, a tiny spark from source, and you can access this when you connect to your LIGHT body. This is the bridge and pathway to your hearts. Love spans the ages and for those who LOVE with all their hearts time is eternity. LOVE is your true natural state, where you’re completely loved, accepted and adored. This is the precious jewel which is your infinite true divinity, this is divine cosmic LOVE. Your inner child is the creator and knows how to express and be full of love.

Stop wasting your time and connect with the SELF, for you are the captain of your own soul so take action. Turn your dreams into desires with focus. Just remember, there is no time, distance or separation for the divine. Only pure LOVE can connect you. Connect with all that you are. Here in the 3D you have fallen under the spell of the overlords and have forgotten your true divinity. You feel small and inadequate, maybe lost and afraid. You may feel weighed down by moral judgments and the feeling of loneliness and unworthiness. You may have been misled and told lies by the ‘teachings of sin’ through false religious doctrine. Know your inner truth, that you are not alone and never will be alone.

This is an illusion for in the divine you are LIGHT and free. There is no shame, no religious oppression or restrictions. You are free from the weight and fear of Karma and karmic debt. Nothing can stand between the LOVE of who you are and that pathway to your divinity within. Your LOVE can heal the world, shatter all illusions and break the limitations and bonds of the 3-dimensional realm. Connect and FEEL your ascension to the higher realms of existence. Do it NOW. Move beyond the restraints of money, materialism and the many limitations of this realm and glimpse beyond to the 4th and the 5th. Remember who you are and connect to your true spiritual being of LIGHT and INTERGALACTIC REALMS of every possibility.

And if it is destined you will meet your true cosmic mirror. The ONE who touches and ignites your inner core, the FLAME, illuminating one another with pure radiant divine LIGHT. Together they are empowered and protected, their divine love having a healing energy that pours into their heart, harmonising and expanding their consciousness to their pure divinity. The love from their hearts flows with waves of oneness beaming out through their hearts, and then out on to the galaxy, for their love is written in the stars. Remember who you are and reconnect to your being of LIGHT for the pathway to your hearts leads to divine infinite LOVE.

LOVE is whisper within your soul, and just a heartbeat away.

Anna NaRaca RA

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