Sometimes it is important to recharge and let the sun feel your being, to let go of the need of others and to be nurtured by nature. Just remember your nature is not separate. It is people’s lack of ability to understand and LOVE and show compassion for others that estranges you. Remember to find balance between your work, life and your soul connection. All areas in your life should be in balance. Just remember people are amplified fires of your mindset.

Know what is deficit within yourself and seek to find balance. You cannot expect others to fulfil what you are empty of inside by your own lack and rejection. People cannot process your pain, it has to come from yourself and your soul. Oftentimes pain is magnified beyond what it really should be. Loneliness comes from yourself not knowing itself. The majority of your life on the outer is empty and you will never find yourself on the outer.

Everyone has their own yardstick of measurement and are calibrated differently than you so learn to measure and evaluate things from your own calibration within and what feels right. When you do this, you can be a positive force of making your life happen and people will respond to your current of life force energy in action. You can have all the friends in the world and you would still be unhappy.

You could have yourself with a good soul connection and very few friends dependant in the world and you will be happy. Just remember you are living life cycles and nothing is permanent, you are not stone. Your life will pass through many seasons so you must learn to be not attached because each season has a different element that you must be prepared for. Just know this, nature will always provide for you and why wouldn’t it? You are part of it!

People have different seasons at different times and that is the reality. Remember to be happy and grateful for wherever you are at. That is really the acceptance that you need to get, where it’s all the journey and experience. Nothing is permanent but the lessons you learned and the wisdom you gain in life will go a long way to every season you pass through and in everybody.

If you’re not in balance then you have to attach yourself to situations you cannot hold on to further and creates imbalances within yourself. Just remember, people are drawn to the glow of your inner LIGHT and no matter what your body is.


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