Your thoughts and actions create a pattern of your mindset and identity, and it is accumulative. Mostly everyone is given a fabulous mind and body and the choices and activities of the individual models nature, the product personality and mental conditions as the end result. So daily, your actions affect your mind and identity by habits that enhance the beauty of your soul and presence, or takes away and hides the soul behind a mask of illusion and a compromised spiritual expression.

So to quicken yourself into being the best expression of body, mind and spirit you must begin to make changes in your behaviour that are your most dynamic and loving to yourself and others. This can be a change in diet, exercise, thinking and working all aligned with a better outlook and attitude. Just remember, being out of sorts took time so undoing and correcting ignorant behaviour will take some time to adjust. Learn to focus on the good things about yourself and focus not on shame.

Embrace your choices that improve your character. As your actions are more harmonious to your environment, your vibrations will increase in the measure. With higher waves about you, your encounters with more loving clearer individuals will be upon your path. An essential part of the action is to surround yourself with spiritual and moral people of excellent calibre. People you hold around you shape your reality and construct of information and practical and spiritual understanding.

Sometimes in life, you must part your ways with people of bad habits as they will keep you stuck. Make it an effort to increase your love of yourself and honour yourself. For how you love yourself is how you love others and other living creatures. Become inspired and read and identify with wisdom and the great teachers and sages that have lived upon the planet. For this is food for the soul and awakens your soul when your mind is focused in wisdom. You are your best friend or foe.

Ever in your mind are things you must attend to in order to make changes in your environment and duties of life. So proceed and take the necessary steps to walk in alignment with your spirit.


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