And are you the ruler of your self divinity or dependent on the measure of others? So it is with your understanding, there are realms and sectors of the galaxy that are beyond your threshold to understand at present. So know that what you base your concepts of the Universe on, may and oftentimes is beyond your measure.

And it is you that compares your information to others and the vastness of the Universe. So your knowledge is limited by your ability to “measure” with your concepts. It is only when you step away from having to compare and measure that you can see greater things and have the capacity to experience beyond what you think you know.

Find the visions of the heart and the soul and you will be taken by the currents of the infinite to see. Learn to feel again and to flow in the freeness of your soul and creative syncing of your mind’s eye.

For some, they still need to play in the matter of the sandbox. They play out their roles and test their little mental concepts until they grow and stop playing and are ready for the gaining of knowledge.

As you move on your path understand this about people and let them play in the sandbox Matrix of Earth, for they are young souls. Expect them not to listen or care about the higher functions of awareness, they are still in infancy. So let them be, and trouble not yourself to change them or awaken them, they are not ready. They must play on Earth again and again in rebirth until this realm bores them.

Not till then will they awaken, for they need their play and playground and the whole gamut of experiences of cause and effect, for this is the boot camp for new souls. The real measure is a state of understanding and vision, for when you no longer need to validate yourself in each and every manner of expression then you have come to understand your connection to the soul in good measure.



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