To raise your heights of awareness by taking steps one day at a time at your speed.  But what compels you? Dissatisfaction of the emptiness of the carnival and bakers of trickery to take your spirit wealth? To those of the quest complacency bores the soul and the soul wants the real gems of knowledge, not the trinkets of coloured glass. For some have kept their minds and thoughts in the imaginary links to spirit and they do not fit in the sand boxes, nor are they interested in the ferris wheels and bumper cars.

Their souls are drawing them to the ocean and the coastlines and all the wondrous things of nature and shells. They do not like the junk food, the cotton candy and soft drinks. They are different and always must their parents keep an eye on these explorative ones. For their nature is different from the moment they took their first steps upon the Earth. When taken to the churches they even questioned the teachings, for they did not resonate with the lack of empirical logic.

And to all you souls of such nature, I salute you that have maintained your hearts and nature and have not fused with the synthetic world but with nature and the wild. To those that see with your own eyes and your inner eye, you will not fit into the norm. For your contacts are with the spirit plane and you have contact with your ancestors that speak to you through your bones, teaching you their way and secrets. We watch how you solve your own problems and see the world with your innate vision.

And we work with you to encourage your growth and knowing to walk as a self-authentic being. Your hearts and souls are and have always been in the right frame to expand and learn. The lessons you learn are that most humans have not the same kindness, integrity and honour that you assume is inherent to all people. The lesson is that you must protect your being and your heart from the takers and users and monitor even your involvement with them. For they go against nature and love. Many are corrupted to their cores.

So you learn to be a warrior or have your hearts broken and yourself defamed by being different. These are the lessons as well, to learn that you must banish the lower frequency people from your contact and keep them at bay. You learn to stop the discounts and call them on their manipulations. Just know that we have not left you and are here to be with you always. For the quality of your hearts are LOVE and honor and you shine in your auras.

It is now time to become your advanced self, not in the eyes of the foolish of the Earth standards but to the self-mastery and the higher frequencies as keepers of the flame.

Anna NaRaca RA


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